London - the most attractive city for investment in real estate

08.04.2012 10:00
Articles about real estate | London - the most attractive city for investment in real estate Investors in European real estate projects, consider the UK as the most attractive market in 2012, investors are especially appreciated in London, as the most attractive city for investment in this country, the press service of the company CBRE.

The study showed that 31% of investors Britain is the most attractive market for investment in real estate - which is close to that of 2010, but significantly higher than in 2011 (16%). Germany took second place - this market has indicated 27% of respondents. This is followed by Central and Eastern Europe - 19% of respondents found the region more attractive.

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London, sharply ahead of other cities in the ranking - it indicated 37% of respondents. Became the second city of Warsaw (12%), reflecting the strong economic performance of the market. Paris took the third position (9%), keeping his place due to the large volume of investment in 2011 was followed by Munich (8%) and Berlin (7%).

France has become less popular among investors than in 2011, and the proportion of investors are choosing Spain as the market for investments, fell from 9% to 3.5% in 2011, Italy chose to only 2.5% of investors. On the other hand, the attractiveness of the Nordic markets (mainly outside the euro area) increased the share of investors who have chosen this particular region has increased from 5% to 8% this year.

As for Central and Eastern Europe, Russia is likely to continue to attract the greatest volume will be of real estate investments, driving from place to Warsaw.

For reference, in a study published in March, CBRE, was attended by 340 leading investors. Thus, the results of the study include a large pool of investors and demonstrate the range of their interests in the global real estate market, as well as give the forecast of investment activity for the year ahead.
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