Lofts: a rare accommodation in the City

29.07.2011 00:30
Articles about real estate | Lofts: a rare accommodation in the City Converted industrial space - does not sound too appealing. However, after changing the function of the factory and residential real estate is ... elite. Lofts - is a narrow market segment, but with steady demand and good prospects.

Smoking chimneys in the middle of the city - not too familiar sight average European, for Muscovite is it rather the norm. Display industry beyond even CAO, not to mention within the city, started not so long ago. Releasing the building after the change of function may well be an elite housing (and residential lofts - converted industrial premises - are just the elite segment). "The most promising location for such projects are the areas of retired industrial areas located in central Moscow. Known project is a loft with a development project the factory "Red October", "- says Oksana Diveevo, director of residential sales at Blackwood.

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Currently, such projects in the Moscow market can be counted on the fingers. "In Russia, this segment is submitted recently, the secondary market yet, as there are no completed projects - says Ekaterina Thain, Partner, Director of Residential Real Estate Chesterton. - As long as these objects are very small, difficult to identify some general trends. I think that with the development of the segment will be to calculate averages. If, however, to assess the current proposal, the cost for 1 square. m ranges from $ 6 thousand to $ 15 thousand, are offered ranging from 30 to 500 square meters. m ".

According to Penny Lane Realty, range of prices for Moscow lofts range from $ 5 thousand to $ 8 thousand per square meter, a range of areas - from 26 to 200 square meters. m, the cost for the facility - from $ 150 thousand

"Right now offered for sale to residential lofts in the business centers of The Loft (m" Tula ") and" Danilovskaya Manufactory. " Apartments in the loft is available in apartment complexes Manhattan House, "Nicholas House", "Loft House" and "House on the Embankment Savvinskaya", - says Alexander Zima, director of sales of real estate Penny Lane Realty. - In downtown loft The Loft offers a $ 5-6 thousand for the quarter. m or $ 132.4 thousand to $ 885.4 thousand for the object. Such objects appear in the sale are rarely - their share is less than 1% of the total offerings on the market of real estate. Most often they are offered for rent than for sale as well as find tenants for a specific housing is still easier than the buyers. Not many are willing to use the loft as a permanent home. "

It should be noted that projects proposed for the Moscow market as lofts, are not always those in the classic sense of the term. "Classic loft - is a spacious apartment located in a former industrial building (factory, warehouse and auxiliary facilities). Among the main characteristics of classic loft can provide large area, high ceilings (up to 10 m), rough walls, large windows, open load-bearing structures and elements of engineering communications: wiring, ventilation, heating, - lists Oksana Diveevo. - The Moscow market is often referred to as a loft apartment, furnished in appropriate style, with industrial features: beams, pipes, concrete floors and brick walls, high-tech style. If we talk about the secondary market, it is only flat, stylized loft, which share in the total supply does not exceed 0.3%. "

In the primary market, the expert continues, presented three types of lofts:

Lofts in former industrial buildings, "Danilov factory" and The Loft (unlike classical lofts are small areas - from 30-40 square meters. M);
Neo-Lofts: LCD Art-House (difference from the classic loft is that the complex is a new construction, not reconstruction of old industrial buildings);
The reconstructed objects, where apartments are stylized in the loft: Manhattan Nouse, "Nicholas House."

"Projects of this kind naturally develop at the site of the former factory premises, the format has a loft to it. After all, a classic loft (from English loft - loft, gallery, loft) - it's flat, converted from industrial premises, factory or plant, and kept the style of the site - says Alexander Zima. - I think that such objects should be placed in the center, because the typical tenant loft - business, creative, and without family man who wants a well-developed infrastructure and access to all the creature comforts, such as restaurants, clubs, fitness centers, and in the shortest time and at minimum of effort. " 
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