Lodging on the water

21.07.2010 14:45
Housing construction in the water for Ukraine phenomenon quite new, it can be rather described as a well-forgotten old.<br />As in Kiev built so-called plavdachi, buildings up to 24 m in length, yet in the 50-60-ies of the last century. Another thing is that the trend resumed construction of landing stages and development of real estate on the water due to Western influence. For the heavily populated European house on the water are not uncommon, but rather on the contrary, with landing stages can be easily solved the problem of vacant space. Holland is one of the most developed countries in this regard, referring to its geographical features are successfully building housing on the water, not just individual houses and whole towns floating and floating roads.<br />In Ukraine today, the construction of landing stages can not be called a mass phenomenon. Houses on the water have the character of exclusiveness and prestige, rather than the usual habitat. Therefore, the percentage ratio of 60% is entertainment segment - floating restaurants and hotels, and a separate 25% of the company's offices and 15% - houses on the water. In our country there are about 4-5 major companies involved in the construction of landing stages, they are often the same and help to register a floating tool in shipping the Register. The main advantages of such a floating home - it is his mobility, the ability to change the view outside the window. Other positive haarkteristiki landing stages easy challenge. For example, for the construction of such houses do not need land, but the owner of the pier is necessary to rent part of the coastal territory. In Kiev all the affairs of Water Resources was engaged in SOE Pleso, on the basis of which members of the local council have created "Kievzemvodfond, informed guide to building www.socmart.com.ua. And the rental price of coastal land can vary from a few tens hryvnia / sq.m. up to several tens of thousands of hryvnia per sqm., depending on the location of the site near the shore. In addition, the landing stage is difficult to register as a property, and therefore to obtain residence and mailing address. The cost of building the landing stage depends largely on the interior and fantasies of the customer, but the average price / sq. m ranges from 1 thousand to 2 thousand dollars, which includes construction, decoration and connection to utility networks.<br />Inna Frizyuk socMart<br />
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