Lodging of Crimea asked to accelerate

05.10.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate | Lodging of Crimea asked to accelerate The State Committee for State Registration and Cadastre of Crimea can not cope with the queues. On October 1, service is required to double the number of citizens served. As a result of the sale of property on the peninsula can grow: many potential buyers scare difficult to register property. Register your property in the Crimea is not easy. "The queues have become very large," - says the realtor real estate agency "Yalta City."

According to her, the registration service has to sit for hours.

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"The first transaction conducted and paid for registration Rosreestr. I will not comment on the difficulties and problems after the transition to the Russian legislation. I hope this once normalized "- says the director of development and strategic management of the local agency" Parade property "Dmitry Mayorov.

Drew attention to the problem of acting Head of the Republic of Crimea Sergey Aksenov, who admitted that the head of waiting lists for sale. For example, only in Yalta for the last month there were two companies that help record the housing on the peninsula. The minimum price for the service is 3 thousand. Rubles.

Large crowds

Goskomregistr accept documents for registration of real estate since mid-August, and the whole process of renewal of ownership takes about a month. First, property owners (all the documents they have issued Ukraine) need to get a cadastral number, and then - the ownership of the Russian sample.

Re-registration of securities takes about 30 days. Only then can record the transaction that takes another 17 days.

Large influx wishing to register the transaction can be easily explained. Since March of this year, Ukraine has closed access to their registries, and to create the Crimean registration service took about five months.

In April and May, after the referendum on joining the peninsula to Russia, the number of pre-sale contracts has increased two to three times compared to the same period last year.

Housing acquired mainly Russians. Now they are trying to make the ownership of the purchased property. In addition, in line were the usual Crimean property owners who want to re-register their property under Russian law. They are proactive, such as requirements for them have not yet put forward.

On October 1, the number of citizens served Goskomregistrom will double, the head of the Registration Service Alexander Spiridonov.

For example, according to representatives of the agency "Yalta City" Goskomregistr opened another office in Yalta. Prior to that, the documents for registration of transactions took only two places - in Simferopol and Sevastopol.

Excitement decreased

Contrary to predictions, the increased demand for the Crimean property is not observed, says the vice-president of the Association of Professional property managers Anatoly Topal.

"In September, was concluded in two to three times fewer transactions compared with the same period last year," - he says. Everyone who wanted to purchase a house, have already done so, said Topal.

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Attract new customers is difficult because the peninsula is not working mortgage lending, and prices have risen by 30-50%.

Now apartment building in the coastal zone is worth $ 2.5 thousand., And in the secondary market - $ 2 thousand. Per square meter.

As soon as the line at the registration service will be reduced, buyers will actively acquire real estate, said the expert agency "Yalta City."

"The interest in the Crimean housing from the Russians is not falling, but many potential buyers discourages long procedure of registration of rights to the apartments," - said the representative of the agency. Therefore, the demand of the Crimean property can grow closer to the end of the year, when the queues at Goskomregistre will be less.
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