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20.01.2011 07:54
Articles about real estate | Living room style of Feng Shui Living room - this is usually shared a room, a kind heart of the home, where its inhabitants spend most of their time. It dominates the active principle Yang. Living room not only serves as a gathering place for family members, where they watch television or simply relaxing together, but also a center of communication, when guests come friends and acquaintances.

Living room should be warm and welcoming, warm and well lit, but not too bright and noisy.

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Experience the flow of chi energy moves in your living room, there is alcoves and blind corners, where it can stagnate negative energy. Fill the atmosphere of energy, using crystals, hang a mirror on the wall, serving to create a sense of depth, Overclock the negative flow of balls with plants and wall lights.

If the ceiling in the living room is uneven or it is the cross-beams, the circulation of energy is violated. To remedy this situation, you can hang on the beam bamboo flutes, tied with red ribbon; well dissipate negative energy bells or moving objects.

General recommendations. If we impose a diagram of the octagon ba gua to the plan room, its configuration immediately becomes quite clear that if the room is rectangular:

This means that all elements are in harmonious balance. However, this equilibrium is disturbed, if the room has projections and alcoves:

One way of correcting negative feng shui a room - furniture placement. There are a number of principles, which you can follow in furnishing the living room. "Center of attraction" should be created around one of the eight sides ba gua, preferably a "family", "relationship", "helpers" or "wealth". For example, well into the corner, symbolizing wealth, to establish a TV, and other furniture to place as shown.

In such cases, the master of feng shui recommend usletanavlivat seat for the "flight guest or family head facing the door, but not in front of her. It is very important, because otherwise it will create an atmosphere of confrontation. Anyone entering the room, face to you or your guest face to face, which will lead to a forced sequence of reactions and movements. Note that the arrangement of furniture, as shown in the figure, is well combined with the octagon ba gua and creates an impression of naturalness.

Place "for the guest of honor" - the best in the room, it is often located next to the fireplace if it is, but also convenient to the TV. There may be offers a good view from the window, but only at an angle, otherwise there is a feeling of vulnerability.

One of the common premises, which is usually taken without any explanation, is that. that the chairs and sofas should be set back to the wall and not to the chairs or windows. Position against a wall or next to it gives a sense of peace and security. However, usually it is impossible to place all the seats back to the wall. Where the chair is standing at the window, the position will help to correct the plant on a windowsill or low shelves.

Chairs, sofas and chairs can be positioned differently relative to each other. If one put a chair in front of another, even over a low table, it will create a situation well suited for a frank conversation, but not too successful for the silent or poorly familiar with each other people. There is nothing worse than sitting in front of a talkative person, when you're not inclined to talk or do not want to respond in the same manner.

If chairs are set at an angle to each other, it will create a more comfortable environment, and people can join in the conversation, when they want it. The same situation is created, and if placed chairs facing each other, but at an angle to the couch. Then everyone will be happy as can refer either to a single guest, or immediately to all present, and you'll avoid trouble.

Many of the doctrine of man and his place in the world advise us to change the world, starting with himself. This, of course, there are a lot of common sense: there is nothing closer to us than ourselves. Who does not want to see a healthy, wealthy and fortunate, finally, just happy? But, unfortunately, not always we can actually change their bad habits or learn to live differently. Ancient Chinese teachings of Feng Shui proposes to make the opposite: to start to change yourself and your life changes with the outside world.

Using ancient and modern art of feng shui, we can make luck work for us, which will increase our prosperity, improve career opportunities, or will, finally, the implementation of our long-held dream.

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