Living in Dnepropetrovsk became dangerous

24.11.2010 00:06
Articles about real estate | Living in Dnepropetrovsk became dangerous Living in Dnepropetrovsk was dangerous, as there is a risk that the order of hundred pieces of land could go underground. The basis of such assumptions was that in almost after every rainfall occurring landslides.

Chance to avert the collapse of the land is not great, because professionals do not become a force to restrain movement of the soil. They stated that in letting things take their course and not try to prevent falls, it is likely that the tragedy occurred.

It will not be the first case, because in 1997 from the collapse of land left in the ground storey house. Because of this tragedy more than two thousand people were left without apartments.

The tragedy was repeated thirteen years ago, when in Dnepropetrovsk failed underground dwelling house, kindergarten and school. Fortunately, there were no casualties. Such hazardous areas set in the city.

Cause landslides after the rain is the ground on which is located Dnepropetrovsk. This is a loamy soil, which when wet "floats." More than one hundred homes are in danger.

It is known that in 2005 the City Council approved the landslide program, through which one could prevent many tragedies. But to realize it is not enough money.

Geologists say that if you are not a matter of urgency to start of anti-work, then the situation becomes more complicated and out of control. Then half of Dnepropetrovsk will go under the ground.

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