Litvin: All lands of Ukraine can be purchased for $ 500 billion

22.03.2011 13:15
Articles about real estate | Litvin: All lands of Ukraine can be purchased for $ 500 billion Verkhovna Rada Chairman Volodymyr Lytvyn is convinced that foreigners should have the right to buy the Ukrainian agricultural land. He stated this in an interview with the newspaper Izvestiya in Ukraine »(№ 48 dated March 22).

"I am convinced that foreigners sell agricultural land in any case impossible. Rent it today and so give up. But the question is, what they pay for the shares. If we knew the market value of land, the rent would be increased dramatically.

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Today she lowered several times, even on the basis of presidential decree on what to give 3 percent of the value of the land unit. As now, only about 30 percent of the cost of land is paid in cash. Everything Else - payment in kind. And she may be charged differently. Can give a ton of grain, estimating it at export prices. And can pay on the basis of domestic prices. Difference between tangible "- Lytvyn said, according to UNIAN.

However, he believes that, in fact, the shadow land market in Ukraine is already there.

According to the head of parliament should be made clear how and to whom the owner may sell the land and what is in the role of the state. According to Litwin, you need to make an inventory of land, a roster of owners, to return "all that it is illegal to seize, to make a realistic assessment of land.

He also suggested that the national average cost per hectare of land - 12 ths. - Low and beneficial to those who want to buy the land. "At this price all Ukrainian lands can be bought for about $ 500 billion. It would seem at first glance, this huge sum, but on a global scale - nothing. Especially considering the fact that the amount of land is not increasing. Need to develop a real mechanism for valuation of land, and not at the moment, and for the future. If a person knows that he belongs to a particular site, and he can sell it, would dramatically increase the capitalization of the land. In this market there are pluses and minuses there. Pluses should be strengthened, cons - remove ", - said Litvin.

Commenting on the opinion of the governor of the Kiev region Anatoly Prysyazhnyuk, who said that the oligarchs have to return the land that "grabbed" a few years ago and have not sold, Litvin said: "I do not see a mass surrender of land. On all the posts along the roads on the outskirts of Kiev and the region depend for sale sites, and I did not notice that they took off, and the land sold.

And why "grab" land and now do not know what to do with it? I think because people have been easy money. They do not know where they invest, and invest in real estate. And with the onset of the crisis found that quite difficult to pay even the present small taxes on this land. Also need working capital, and loans should be put out. "

"On the land issue should come without fear, but with a sober calculation and the understanding that the land is for us - not only and not an economic category. It is more social, I would say that the humanitarian issue, state-forming. The question of mentality and way of life. The question of the future of the country ", - said chairman of BP.
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