Little House in the suburb of Kharkov is as flat in the center

02.04.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Little House in the suburb of Kharkov is as flat in the center Over the past five years, demand for land has increased by several times.
Kharkiv gradually move from high-rises in private homes outside the city. Over the past five years, demand for land in the suburbs increased by several times, say realtors. Today, away from the bustle of the city settle those who do not have enough money for an apartment in Kharkov (they buy old houses), or rich people who want to live away from prying eyes (purchase of land and build two-and three-story houses). There are those who dream to get away from noisy neighbors, and change their "kopeck piece" and "treshki on vacation paradise.

- The prices of plots in the suburbs are very different - real estate agent said one of the real estate agents Natalia Veretinskaya. - The cost affects everything - the proximity of shops and kindergartens, the availability of basic amenities - water, sewers, bus stops, and whether nearby forest, the river, the environmental condition of the area. For example, for an empty area (17,5 CM) in the Big Danilovka now asking 26,000 dollars (that is, fifteen hundred for a hundred). But in Berezovka (10 km from Kharkov) in the middle want a thousand dollars for a hundred. It is clear that the further from the Kharkov, the cheaper the land. I recently sold a nice house in Balakleya area on the banks of the river just 17 thousand dollars. Mighty House, brick, with all amenities, gas central heating, area - 80 square meters. Yes still am and 56 hectare of land in the bargain. But, the truth, for 70 kilometers from Kharkov. It was purchased under the cottage.

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Family Ovcharenko has long decided to change its three-room apartment in a cozy house in the suburbs. In their view, the advantages of such a move still higher than minuses.

- We have three children, and we have to constantly fight with the neighbors, which include music at full power even after midnight, - says Sergey Ovcharenko. - All the comforts and optionally the presence of money can be arranged. Yes, and children will be more spacious. Of course, there is one drawback - a private house needs a lot of work: painting, repairing. But it's not scary. But the car we have, so that the problem of how to get to Kharkov, we hope, will not.

Spouses Ovcharenko long consulted, where better to "be registered". While they are considering options in Tishkov, Pisochyn, Korotich, Cherkassy Lozovoi and Solonitsevke.

- For older small houses in these townships are asked about 60 - 70 thousand dollars, - says Svetlana Ovcharenko. - Two-story houses built in the 90's - about 100 thousand. But the new 200 - 300 square meters and are respectively - 200 - 300 000 "green". You may need to also take the credit.

By the way

By the fall of the land will rise in price?

Build housing now troublesome: the materials becoming more expensive by the day, and the work will cost dearly. Realtors say they afford to build a house on a bare site can only very wealthy citizens. Especially when you consider that the land under the building houses more expensive than a nice house next to the affluent neighbors.

- Prices are rising, especially in the land - says realtor Vitaly Cherednik. - Three years ago, for example, 16 hectare could be bought for the current price weave. In Cherkassy Lozovoi today weaving is four to six thousand dollars. And this is not the limit - by the autumn price rise 10 - 20 percent. Those who are found money, consider this situation as a way to make money.
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