Limited rights to land

11.04.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Limited rights to land In Ukraine the right to own land use is not everything. Legislator significantly limited the rights of foreigners and stateless persons in respect to the ownership of land. Land is a national treasure, so the priorities of owning and using it is a nation
If more specific, according to Art. 81 Land Code of Ukraine, foreign citizens and stateless persons may acquire ownership of land non-agricultural use within settlements, as well as non-agricultural land outside the settlements, which are located on immovable property that belongs to them on the right of private property . That's it. This is all that the legislator has allowed foreign nationals and stateless persons the right to ownership of land. At present, the land market trend is that interest is primarily agricultural land use (some of its category - for personal farm for horticulture) despite the fact that this land is located in the vicinity of large cities. The reason is not that buyers are eager to revive agricultural production. The reason for such attention is that agricultural land use more than any other land, and they are much cheaper than land ready for construction. True, for that would be built on agricultural lands need to change their intended purpose. This procedure is lengthy, costly, but still cheaper than buying a ready-to-building land. Among the many foreigners are interested in, and with considerable capital, which would have been a significant injection into the economy. However, no more in use of foreign nationals to obtain agricultural land can not. In Art. 22 of the Land Code of Ukraine, established the general rule is that agricultural land can not be transferred into the ownership of foreign citizens. Moreover, in art. 33 and 35 of the Land Code of Ukraine established that foreign nationals can use the land for subsidiary farming and also for personal or collective gardening only under the terms of the lease. As we know the tenant has no independent right to change the designated purpose. Therefore, immediately lost interest in the process of investing money in land purchase or registration of its lease. Not excluded the option of an alien land of agricultural purpose of inheritance. But, according to Art. 81 Land Code of Ukraine this site is subject to alienation within a year. Failure to do so will constitute grounds for termination of ownership of a plot.

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