Light and sound at the site

15.10.2010 02:27
Articles about real estate | Light and sound at the site Lights and lamps are very efficient neutralization of the challenges posed by irregular shape of land. In this case, use three illumination device: one for the front corners, and the third - in the middle of the rear property line.

You can find a cure for the L-shaped plot, its angle of creating a ball. A lantern in the corner opposite the missing part, acts as a neutralization agent. Flashlights are useful in the case when the house was built away from the center of the site. In this case, they help create a harmonious balance. Narrow paths restrict the movement of qi. Lights on both sides of the track attracted to energy.

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Wind chimes (suspension, publishing ringing when the vibration of air, are rods or tubes of varying length, made of metal, ceramic or wood) produces pleasant sounds under the influence of airflow and reminds you of the motion energy. These pendants are made from different materials. Choose those that you like and publish a pleasant sound. They can hang anywhere in the house and yard.

Great place for music of wind - the outside front of the front or back door. It is very important not only hear but also see her. Effective means are other sources of sound. The rustle of wind in the trees choke and hide other noises - such as traffic noise on the highway. The murmur of the fountain can serve the same purpose, and the fountain is doubly salutary, because it creates a positive chi.
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