Lifeline, or a system of «trade in» when buying property in Ukraine

15.09.2010 16:19
The last couple of years on the sales of the primary real estate quiet, but developers need to look into the crisis and the feasibility of apartments and houses. Different companies go out of their situation - some are beginning themselves to lend to buyers, second - hold auctions of apartments with low initial cost, and others remembered the letter of credit, and some sought the services of «trade inn». In the last article, specialists Socmart told about the system of «trade inn» when buying real estate in this material will continue the theme.

Drawing on the experience of Russian and Belarusian developers and builders, there are several ways to implement real estate by the "Trade Institute. The first method is a transaction of sale of two properties - and the acquired in-goal when the apartment first put up for sale, and simultaneously reserve the favorite object of "primary" real estate. To do this:
1.Otsenit already available "secondary" apartment. According to experts Socmart better to do an independent evaluation, as the price of apartments will be as close to the market value of apartments

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2.Vystavit apartment for sale. Must take into account the fact that for what would sell an apartment in a short time, the apartment price will reduce from 10 to 20%
3.Parallelno these actions to reserve the selected option in the primary real estate market.
4.In the case of finding a buyer for "secondary" flat to start the preparation of two transactions, if the selected object is a certificate of ownership, transfers real estate portal socMart.

This way of set-off is very similar to "alternative". Its main drawback is that the period of sale of an apartment can take a long time, and the developer can increase the value of the object, or else sell it to a buyer who is willing to pay in cash.

The second possible way - it's clearance of the sale and purchased an object-goal, when the developer buys an apartment and sells their own "secondary" flats. In this arrangement, the cost of foreclosure is usually much less than the market price of the apartment, as the company incurs expenditure on the implementation of the apartment. After the conclusion of the transaction, the developer or the builder becomes owner of the object-goal, and the owner together with the conveyance of property sold at the apartment making the deal to purchase a cottage or apartment. If the value of the property-goal less than the cost of purchased, the buyer makes an extra charge.
In any case, find out whether there is such a service in your country you can have real estate companies, as they are usually well informed. And real estate agency in Saint Petersburg and Moscow, and in any other city can give expert advice and find an apartment and can under the "Trade Inn.
As for Ukrainian experience, the experts Socmart, then at this point in this system are realized cottages in elite cottage villages of Kyiv region.

For example, the scheme of the cottage:
The cost of villa 295,000 U.S. dollars
The cost of the student's record apartment 120,000 U.S. dollars
Advance payment for reservation is 5,000 U.S. dollars
Surcharge 170,000 U.S. dollars

This payment system has several advantages for buyers, because, first of all, the sale of old housing and the acquisition of "primary" is engaged not in itself a natural person and the company is the developer and there is no monetary costs associated with the sale of "second home", to replace its old apartment at the same time you get a house with land. It should be noted that this system can not work all the developers, as for the implementation of the apartment, which goes to the company's balance sheet, should be sales department "secondary" housing, in addition, there is a risk to sell the apartment at a lower price. For the buyer the main disadvantage is that all the same, counting the cost of apartments is much less than the market as the company reduces its risks.
The following articles specialists Socmart continue to acquaint the readers about the system implementation of the primary properties that are particularly relevant in times of crisis and post-crisis time.
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