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25.10.2010 08:12
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Live in modern society and not be aware of the laws is impossible. Passion for travel, exchange of experiences with foreign ¬ eign countries, the high level of informatization of society - that is, fires ¬ lui, key life ¬ tics characteristic of our contemporary. The ideology of globalization has erased the boundaries of countries, cultures and styles. People have new dreams and possibilities, an irresistible desire to live beautifully and with dignity. This is especially evident in the choice of lifestyle: where to live and how to live. An interesting fact is that, despite globalization, the inhabitants of different countries reporting on luxury housing still differ. International Union of ri ¬ eltorov jointly with the European network of housing researchers (European Network for Housing Research) conducted a survey of realtors and experts, the U.S., Britain, Canada and Japan to identify the main trends in real estate. Actually, what it means to people the concept of "exclusivity"?

How many countries - many opinions

We give some examples of the views residents of foreign countries. In the U.S. people is not so much a class at home, how much habitat area, the status of the area can not be said of the British. Residents Fog ¬ Nogo Albion nominate an extensive list of requirements for housing. Everything is important: a spacious house, ie presence of a large number of rooms, quality integral ¬ barrier height, placing the house in an elite under ¬ city and always - unspoiled nature. In addition, the district should not be criminogenic. It is interesting that English is important, even the name of the district. Just well-chosen name can be an argument in favor. ¬ proof majority storey houses. Name must be of historical value, ie to be an old building or if ¬ belong to some lord. Very popular areas along the Thames and the London neighborhood. Canadian dream home should also stand by the river, lake or sea. For Canadians ¬ argue the truth and the rate of elitism - a good environment. In addition, the infrastructure must correspond to the needs of residents, but at the same time - a minimum of transport. And, more interestingly, the Canadians accentuate atten ¬ tion to that for a comfortable life in the area to be a golf club. Typically, two-storey building, built ¬ nye on an individual project with the use ¬ use of quality materials.

Choose your style of life

Choosing where to live, you have to wonder: how do you want to live? What is your lifestyle? Simple life observations ¬ Denia suggest that a gentle stroll on the shores of the river before morning coffee - a good alternative to lifting the sounds of car Clack ¬ sonov. Sit in the morning on an open veranda and slowly flip through a newspaper that keeps the fresh smell of printer's much nicer than turn on the TV. We say nothing about the program not so long ago, the fashion walk on a yacht. Before a person who appreciate life style Luxury, is no longer in question, what to buy - auto ¬ mobile, or a yacht. Times change, and once served as symbol of England, the game of golf for our contemporaries today - a favorite sport, or rather leisure.

A world in which we live

Ukraine has always been famous for the beauty of the landscape, and the Dnieper belongs to one of our natural pearls. The mild climate, fresh air and proximity to one hundred ¬ face - important arguments for choosing a site for the house. In the pre-crisis times the observed behavior trend among purchasers ¬ carriers - to buy land and build a house on an individual project. Ready to buy housing that does not quite correspond ¬ corresponds to a picture of your life, your style, then remake, trying to adapt by themselves - not the best choice.
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