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17.02.2010 16:39
Articles about real estate | Life outside the city: your house will each At the Center for suburban housing "Life outside the city," summed up in 2009 at suburban real estate market and made predictions for the new year. They are quite optimistic. Market is evolving and currently offers its customers an extensive choice of facilities to suit every taste and budget.

Prices have become more modest

The specialists agreed that the year of the crisis undoubtedly affected the development of suburban real estate market and contributed to the emergence of new trends.

First of all, reported a decline in the price of housing in villages and organized cottage on the secondary market country real estate. According to the head direction of the country real estate, Academy of Sciences "Progal Lyudmila Yushin, the market will put everything in its place. Prices in the pre-crisis years in the suburban facilities have been greatly exaggerated, and sometimes does not match the quality and characteristics of objects.

Today's buyers are also very careful about choosing suburban areas, and homeownership. Naturally, the faster goes the objects with a lower price. Therefore, those sellers who need to quickly sell a house or land, are fast enough to reduce prices or initially put up an adequate market value.

Since the observations of specialists AN "Progal, now the price difference between the sale and purchase price amounts to 15-20%, and to compare six months ago, it reaches 30-40%. Buyers have become more closely relates not to the material from which the house is built, and the quality of construction, availability of documents for construction. Assessment Ludmila Yushin, were not justified nor the worst of their predictions, nor the most optimistic - performance indicators were exactly in the middle.

Maloetazhka - Reality

As the chief sector of major investment housing projects of the Construction Committee of Leningrad region Yuri Petrov, in the public sector a lot of changes associated with maloetazhnvm construction. In particular, it adopted the doctrine of promoting new efficient technologies, joined the 105 th law on free provision of land to citizens.

True, the law provides a number of conditions under which a person can use this land. For example, for 3 years for provision of sites to be built a dwelling house. In 2010, the budget allocated from the housing means to move people from emergency housing to a new low-rise.

Villages are selling plots

According to specialists suburban real estate market, many developers have abandoned plans to build up their own cottage villages. Parcels of land in these villages are sold without mandatory contract and the buyers are to your liking build homes on purchased plots. Call such cottage communities "organized" is already difficult enough, but this form of suburban settlements is becoming increasingly popular.

According to the adviser manager HA "Stink" Svetlana Neveleva, this phenomenon is endemic, because the developers realized that the ground without the need for a contract to sell a lot easier and have to resort to this scheme across the board. And after a few years we will have a lot of suburban settlements, which were originally conceived as a cottage villages, but in fact they are not.

Gardening transformed

According to experts, is now actively being renovated old houses in horticulture, established utilities. On the whole, the revision of concepts of value, comfort, a set of mandatory features for suburban real estate.

Often in place of the old house by the owners erected a new one with amenities. Private developers have expressed very optimistic about today's customers. "Customers today have become very careful before choosing a particular construction technology. Having defined the technology bought shortchanging estimates in different companies, look what is really the market price ", - said the CEO of the Canadian House Vladimir lieutenant. According to him, and changed understanding of seasonality in the market of cottage construction. Customers are not afraid to order the construction in the winter, although a year ago the situation was completely different.

Technology is getting better

In the case of attracting customers is not unimportant role played by the cost and quality construction. Therefore, the builders all the time improving their proposals. So in "Canadian House" is a new program skeleton-module assembly buildings, which suggests that the house on the site resides not in the form of panels, as well as a ready-made modules, each of which already consists of panels and finished items. House assembled in this way is 30% cheaper, according to the company.

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