Life outside the city - an attempt to forecast

03.10.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Life outside the city - an attempt to forecast Argue about which is better - to live outside the city in a cottage or city apartment, as meaningless as that on which to move - on a motorcycle or car. Much more productive to know trends in factors that affect the attractiveness of living in Kiev and its vicinity. It is the knowledge of these factors and their trends, it makes sense to make a choice. Therefore, let's talk about them ....
Assume that the capital of Ukraine, develops in some special way, different from the capitals of Third World countries do not have to. All indications are that Kiev is transformed into a typical metropolis with the same typical "problems of megacities" are clear: traffic congestion, difficulties in disposing of solid waste and effluents, with electricity and gas supply to new buildings and many others.

All this - a consequence of the limited space sverhkontsentratsii people and serving their livelihoods and services businesses.

True, the general development plan envisages the construction of residential areas outside the current city limits. But will any of them more comfortable than in urban areas? And save it from the central regions of constant traffic jams on the streets, the incredible density of offices in the city center, problems with trash and thousands of other unpleasant "details" and non-small things that poison the life of Kiev today and tomorrow are a hundred times more effort?


Remember the famous saying of Bulgakov's "Ruin - not on the streets. It is - in the minds. "

The problem should be solved first "in their heads, and then the solution will have to implement for many years, demonstrating the will and perseverance to overcome opponents.

"Many of the satellite towns even today are ready to join the capital, the population fully supports the prospect of becoming part of Kiev - the first deputy mayor of Cherry Vladimir Stuzhuk. - When will stretch from Jules trolley line to Cherry, and it is only 5 km. Then we have almost become Kiev. And 20 years from now will have to begin to think about the subway. "

However, he forgets that today suffocating subway in rush hours "of traffic flow, as well as all highways of the city - from an excess of cars. Or maybe it is better not to approach the capital, and make a comfortable life in his village, comparable to the capital? Maybe we should create jobs for themselves, as in the Scandinavian countries?

After all, going somewhere in Kiev from Ukraine - for the job. And then - for the comfort and other benefits not available in Cherry, Zhitomir, or Naked Pier. The scope and problems of labor migration to Kiev from Ukraine scare her (the experience of Mexico City, Sao Paulo, Bogota and other capitals) consequences.

Head of European Research at Jones Lang LaSalle Neville Moss notes that "there is a difference between Eastern and Western Europe, which is defined by hard to reach areas in the urban centers of Eastern Europe and the tendency to implement projects to upgrade urban centers and policies" in the first place - the city Center in Western Europe. "

We have the same "in the first place - the momentary profit owner of the site. Therefore, the Ukrainian city, especially Kiev, doomed to be less comfortable to live than the European. Do not we go to Europe, and from it.

And as the conversion of Kiev in the place of little use to the life and wasteful for a business, the allure of suburban housing, located in nearby suburbs (in the 20-30 km zone).

Without repeating repeatedly articulated theses about the environmental and other benefits of housing in the countryside, we note that the cost of buying a separate cottage, even lower than that of flat area in the city, and the liveability and safety - even higher than in high-rise building housing estates. What will happen to these neighborhoods in 30-40 years when the house that can not be reconstructed, will have to bear - no one knows.

- Let the problem solve future generations - say "state" people, and themselves quietly solve it specifically for themselves, moving in Kiev, in the cottage.

So at the Zhytomyr direction can be found most towns designed for the middle class, the cost of buying houses from 120 thousand $ (Beneficial) to 230 thousand (Olympic Park), the pros and cons are described in detail on specialized sites and media. There and meticulous refer readers interested in the details.

We wanted this article to focus on the other - on the fact that, no matter how much cost of ownership in these first projects, apparently, they will eventually rise in price only. Kiev will increasingly become "a zone suitable for work, but not life." And after the rich, liking yourself sites for life on the banks of the Dnieper and Concha Zaspa, the city will start to leave en masse, and the middle class, creating demand and causing prices to the mass species of suburban housing.

And this is quite predictable process, you can prepare today.

Says Valery Orlov, the developer of the town "Lesnaya Polyana", located in a picturesque location, Zhitomir on the same track.

"- Townships mixed development provide the opportunity of greater choice for buyers and more freedom - the developer. So in the "Forest Glade" presented and semi-detached houses, costing from 240 000 USD (For 125 sq m area) and cottages ranging from 250 to 450 sq m. These homeownership, even when spread on the price factor of 2, are designed for people of one social class - the so-called upper middle class. All cottages have a single architectural style, forming a style of building the whole village, but each house will not be confused with the other - his personality is quite discernible, as in car "Mercedes" of a lineup.

However, the emphasis we have on the other, on the development of vital infrastructure - both its own and the surrounding village area.

On its own territory of the village, we construct only the minimum - shop, bank, children's playground and spa, as well as - "real English" pub.

And here is less in demand and more expensive part of the infrastructure is located in the village Bobrytsya, just across the road - is a school and kindergarten. This solution is convenient to everything - Village Council receives from us in their building, and we do not need to allocate land for them in town and pay for their maintenance and use of them may be our citizens and residents Bobrytsya.

Contributing to the development of the surrounding area, we are improving the quality of life and its people and its own. Sure, that would make a similar contribution, and other cottage complexes being built nearby - is gradually improving the living comfort in itself Bobrytsya. "

Perhaps these ideas reflected builder emerging trend of natural bias towards the development of regions, which takes place not only in the residential sector, but also to industrial production, which provide in the suburbs of Kiev? Perhaps, with proper use of its driving forces behind the construction of cottage settlements will be one of the ways to overcome the problems of metropolitan of Kiev? Indeed, in these towns people can not only live but work in the emerging new information, rather than the industrial economy of the capital.

Andrew Pavlo Lazarenko, head of affiliate programs log ProRetail

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