Life in the cottage is not cheap

04.10.2010 06:15
Articles about real estate | Life in the cottage is not cheap "When our family bought a house in a cottage town near Kiev, and I could not imagine that the contents of the cottage would cost so much. In addition to utility bills, we must pay a monthly management company for the protection of the cottage, cleaning, lighting of public places and other services" - says Svetlana Kolomiets. Services operating company monthly cost her family about $ 250. Along with public utility services costs of the cottage more than $ 350 a month.
Total area of cottage families Kolomiets - 150 sq. km. m. The cottage village is not the most prestigious. The content of the cottage area of 500 square meters. m in a luxury cottage house next door costing the owner of a $ 1.2 thousand per month.
Homes in the cottage, as a rule, begin to sell at the design stage. In this case, developers can just about count the potential buyer how much it will spend for the maintenance of the cottage. Kolomiets, for example, about the size of payments for the service territory and communications specialist company learned only after checking into the cottage.

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Home in a bag
Residents cottage in most cases, buying a pig in a poke "because at the time of the contract of sale infrastructure cottage in the best designed.
Yet home buyers, even in the projected cottage towns simultaneously with the purchase agreement contract for a service. And to refuse services imposed by the service company is extremely difficult. According to Oksana Visnevsky of legal advice Brothers Kovalenko, service contract binds the owner of the cottage to a developer services company.

The price of prestige
"Services companies serving per month cost the owner of the cottage on average $ 1-1,5 per square. M", - said Victor Kovalenko, director of consulting company "RealEkspo.
Upper limit - $ 2-2,5 per square. For example, in one of the elite cottage villages near the Dnieper only monthly utility bills and service charges amounting to reach $ 1.2 million (budget wage workers out of 4 people - the gardener, driver, maid, nanny - an average of another $ 1.5 -2 million). The average homeowner in an organized cottage town near Kiev pays a service company, from $ 200 to $ 500 (excluding public utilities), other regions - $ 100 per month.
According to Victor Kovalenko, the tariff service companies depend on the number of homes in the cottage, the area of roads, social infrastructure, the complexity of engineering systems, the number of staff involved.
Most Ukrainian developers, specializing in the construction of cottage townships, serve their own. For example, a corporation "Golden Gate" in-house services in villages and Podgortsy Koncha Zaspa near Kiev.
Only a few sell or rent out the swimming pools, fitness centers, shops and schools in the territory of cottage.
"We will look for specialized operators, with whom the lease or sale of commercial premises," - said Sergey Eliseev, from the development company "Europe" (cottage "Olіmpіk-Park").
Interestingly, the overseas range of services catering companies, usually larger and cheaper. For example, in Bulgaria, residents of cottage townships, in addition to round the clock security, cleaning and garbage collection, have free access to swimming pool, tennis court, gym. Bulgarians package costs EUR5/kv. m per year. The owner of a cottage in Canada pays a service company, an average of $ 100-300 per month (in addition to public utilities: water and electricity - an average of $ 80, gas - $ 60 per month). For proper communication, cleanliness and lighting in the streets of cottage towns in Canada, followed by local authorities. Necessary funds they receive from owners of cottages in the form of land tax (property tax in Canada - an average of $ 1.4 thousand per year with home ownership; in America - a $ 2 million).
In Russia, the buyer cottage before the conclusion of the contract knows how much and what services it will pay. Moscow developers expect prices service company, based on the classification of cottage townships. In contrast to the Ukraine in Russia, such a classifier is officially approved.
For example, security, central water, gas, holiday, parking and playground, residents of suburban cottage townships business class costs about $ 150-300 a month. According to the classifier, a village in this category must be located no more than 40 km from Moscow ring road (Ring Road), the number of detached houses - up to 400, of the house - no less than 250 square meters. m plot - 10 hundred parts. The owners of houses in the villages of the middle class pay a service company, $ 300-600 per month. Service company, in turn, should provide a clean and tidy town, continuous availability of all communications, perimeter security and guest parking. Classifier cottage villages of the middle class should be located adjacent to the forests within a radius of 25 km from Moscow.
Cottage area of 450 square meters. m - up to 200. House territory - at least 20 ares. Sports complex with swimming pool, beauty salon, medical center, supermarket and restaurant should be located no farther than 3 km from the village. Services to a service company in the villages of the elite class in the suburbs reach $ 600-1,5 thousand per month. The services include armed guards, to ensure uninterrupted electricity, central water, gas supply, heating and sanitation. On the territory of the elite settlement required the presence of recreation with the author's landscape design, guest guarded parking, playgrounds and sports fields, tracks for jogging and cycling. Elite settlements are located at a distance of 10-15 km from Moscow in the woods near water. The number of households in the towns of this type should not exceed 30, the area of the cottage - from 800 square meters. m, the plot - not less than 50 hectare.

From well-known foreign professional service companies in Ukraine is represented by only two - the German "Dussmann" and "Zander".
DP "Dussmann-Ukraine manages campuses Dubrava (Obukhovskaya highway, 25 houses) and Novobohdanivka (Borispol district, 250 houses). OOO "M + W Zander Facility Management RBM" (OOO "cherry Mistechko). According to the managers of Zander, the Germans do not want to collect payments for services from residents cottage - a German company believes that it should deal with the developer. While competitors from Dussmann not afraid of mass non-payment and are willing to enter into a service contract with each homeowner and the builder of the town to pay a fixed percentage of their income.
However, the optimism of managers from Dussmann share a few. Ukrainian developers do not consider this business profitable.
According to Vladimir Stepenko of SV Development, Ukrainian service companies tend to lay in the cost of their services is not more than 20% of revenue, but not enough to serve the company made a profit. According to him, "to produce high-quality repairs, timely replacement of fixed assets and cover the risks" can only be working with a yield of 25%. "Today, the creation of operational services is a self-sustaining, but not profitable," - said Vladimir Stepenko. - Most of the major developers create their own service companies likely to maintain its positive image, rather than to generate income.

Village Weekday
Living in a suburb of Kiev is expensive - not only in organized cottage towns. The owner of the home area of about 150 square meters. m monthly spend on gas and light about $ 100. Utilities homeowner area 500-600 square meters. m, which reside 5-7 people, usually more than $ 250-300. A large item of expenditure - expenditure on travel to the city: at work, school, children's clubs. Most families have two cars and living at a distance of 30-40 km from the city, monthly spending on gasoline $ 500-700. Hired a driver increases the cost by another $ 400-500. Roughly the same work is a maid, gardener and babysitter.
In general, life in the cottage is rarely cost less than $ 300-400 a month. Upper limit for the maintenance of the house and servants - approximately $ 2 thousand per month.

For what they pay
The list of services provided by Ukrainian service companies to owners of cottages in towns, organized cottage:
• Lighting of public areas;
• maintenance of systems of heat, water and wastewater, storm water;
• Protection of the total area, the permit system, patrolling a residential area;
• maintenance of engineering systems and technical equipment located in the village;
• rinsing of heating and hydraulic testing of pipelines (in the presence of central heating);
• equipment and repair of playgrounds and sports grounds;
• maintenance and repair of roads (road and pedestrian zones);
• landscaping, mowing, watering the flower beds, lawns;
• Preparation of engineering systems for use in the autumn-winter period;
• removal and disposal of municipal solid waste (except oversized and non-residential);
• clear the area of snow, snow removal from the territory of the village;
• cleaning residential area of the village;
• Service managers;
• other services related to the maintenance of life support systems for cottage.
Services provided under a separate contract, which serves the company enters into with the residents of cottage. In the suburbs of Kiev - from $ 1 to 2.5 per square meter. m per month. Public utilities (water, gas and electricity) are paid by owners of homes in the cottage itself on government fares.
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