Life in the cottage - the struggle for survival

20.12.2010 09:05
Articles about real estate | Life in the cottage - the struggle for survival Number of elite settlements in the suburbs each year is steadily increasing. While in 2004 there were about two hundred, but today, six years later, there are more than four hundred. In Moscow suburbs of available land is almost gone. However, not all imagine what sometimes turns into a change of residence. From a cozy apartment in Moscow for their own money people get almost "front line" where the life - no life, and the solid fight for survival. The most frequent clients of lawyers and psychologists are now residents of exactly cottage settlements.

Who's teremochkah lives?
Marketers whose development companies sought advice on how to attract customers to suburban real estate market, not the least is called the principle of social homogeneity of the inhabitants of the cottage settlement. The idea that "outsiders" People buy a home in this place could not even if the necessary funds. Become an owner of real estate in the exclusive village can only be passed serious "face control". Then the number of people inhabit the same social status, which means a similar way of thinking and lifestyle. Buyers actually offered a decent social circle as a respectable neighborhood. Development companies such principle of "club" would give some assurance that there would be an unauthorized interference with the concept of building the village. Many people probably know what I mean. It's when someone on your site will build a big Russian banya, or come up with to put on top of the barbed wire fence. Originals among our citizens with an excess, but it is clear that this "architecture" is clearly not fit into the village elitklassa. Marketers and developers offer to do best. Well, how things really are? "Well thank you! Of course, neither of which face-control speech, never went - told Itogi employee of one of the largest development agencies. - The customers themselves by acquiring suburban real estate, first of all interested and who will be their neighbors. As a result, cottage villages premium populated mostly top managers of enterprises, directors of companies, large state officials, senior police officers. As you can see, even among these people a great variation in the way of thinking. Property Confidential Business Class acquire small entrepreneurs, middle managers, who took a mortgage to buy a cottage. The composition of the population in the villages of economy class is more democratic. " Thus, the people in our country residences lives bitty. And in such a "melting pot", of course, is not without conflicts of interest that can be triggered by a variety of reasons.

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"We will find you on the council"
Businessman Mikhail Pavlov had lived in the cottage at the New Riga "for three years and remembers the day that each year of the period during which it can safely deduct two. And it all was, as in humans: a three-storey house of 270 sq. m with a small plot of land. In 2006, the purchase cost him 430 thousand dollars. A lot of money when you consider buying a house under construction. "I once asked the question:" What is the operating company - the developer or the chosen tenants - will serve the village? ", - Says Mikhail today. He received a vague answer. As a result, the management company have chosen without the participation of future tenants.

During the first year and a half poselchane besides the monthly $ 300 utility bills passed the money on children's swings, car wash and arrangement of lawns. None of this is not the one that one and a half, but after three years. A burst pipe in the house of Michael repaired at his own expense, although regularly paid the management company for the repair service of communication. He also regularly paid, and for the protection and therefore reasonably believed that the village is safe. In fact, when his guests to someone crumpled car in a parking lot equipped with CCTV cameras, the perpetrators have not been found. "My angry visits to the office of the management company were probably too often and I seem to have brought the black list, says Michael. - During the month, unknown attackers flat tire machine my wife scratched the door, and then from the "pneumatics" shot in the living room window. "

Michael decided that this life is not on it. Cottage outside Moscow, he sold. And he bought a house in ... Monaco. At this step, of course, not everyone will be solved. Many years of fighting with management companies. An example of a cottage settlement "Forest Lake", which in Kaluga highway eloquent testimony to this. There are already several years reigns dual power.

Bomb was laid and construction company under the foundation of the country complex in 2003. Today it worked, triggering social conflict with the closures, demolition and formulation barriers, change security and conducting litigation. Lots were sold here, according to advertising, with an already let down by electricity, gas and other benefits of civilization. Total bought up about a hundred sites with homes and without. However, the promised amenities settlers did not wait. Their developers have promised to create after the conclusion of additional agreements to contracts of sale. For arranging the settlement construction company organized a cooperative of individual developers. Residents invited to join the cooperative, that he provided for them all the troublesome activities of the purchase of equipment and Regional Planning and Communications. Citizens joined the cooperative. But what they actually do? Payment of monthly fees, as well as all legal and financial affairs of the cooperative has undertaken to conduct subsidiary of the developer. And she also took the monthly fees. At any time, the management company of the village could raise the level of contributions. In addition to monthly payments once a year for development of the village, each cottage is deducted about 100 thousand rubles. When the residents decided to find out how to spend their money, they were denied the firm's management with reference to a trade secret. Two years ago, the people rebelled and the general meeting of its elected board, consisting of homeowners. Chairman to appoint one of the villagers. Thus began a grand confrontation between two powerful forces: on the one hand, building and managing companies, and with another - the villagers. Development of the conflict resembles the front briefs. The village passed from hand of one "army" in the hands of another. Hand at conducting "combat operations" did not shun anything. On weekdays, when the houses were mostly women, children and elderly, under the guise of routine maintenance, shut off the electricity and heating. Residents are fed up and replaced the guards of the migrant workers are employed by them have resulted in PSE.

A bad peace and a good quarrel
It is no secret that most residents of suburban towns - wealthy people with ties. Almost every second one may say of myself that it was "all so cool and clean with no problems, everybody, and all that is necessary, poreshaet. Of course, by the management companies attempting to create a certain statutes, rules of residence in the township. But many people, using their status, do not want to live by the rules. They have their own idea about how to organize life. In the village Novokurkino General Interior flatly refused to pay utility bills, citing the fact that if necessary he had "all around the bulldozer equilibrate. Management Company wrote a letter to the Interior Ministry with a request to influence the debtor. Only after that enraged the general put out a fairly large debt.

At the same time have little chance of conflict flare up if it happens in the corporate cottage village. Of approximately 10% of the total number of suburban towns. Homes built a big company for their employees, the problems of interpersonal plan, as a rule, do not force their way out, although it is doubly compounded. If relations between the neighbors is not specified, they prefer to quietly hate each other, but do not wash dirty linen in public, because it threatens to hit a career. And it turns out that even in his own home space, man can not hide from work. In the office, he consistently builds relationships with colleagues and superiors, come home, but there neighbor, a colleague from the sales department, will glance at the light, or invite to the barbecue chef - to abandon complicated, and therefore the winner of the "happiness" always feels as if lives of the planning meetings before the planning meetings. And anything with this absolutely nothing is impossible to endure, as in this case. "On the site of the famous oil company owner lived decorative toad, remembers fellow operational services of one of the suburban settlements Sergei Gorokhov, it will have had a whole alpine garden. Special caretaker fed toad selective bloodworm. One day she lazily jumped on the site, the home of one of the shareholders of oil companies, and ate all the goldfish that lived in his artificial reservoir. Neighbors laughed together what had happened, although in his heart, in my opinion, a shareholder at the time quietly hated his neighbor. "

Neighborly squabble compared with psychologists subfebrile temperature in chronic patients, which is always increased and stable. Roughly the same degree of relationship maintained between the inhabitants of elite settlements and their servants.

Who's the Boss?
The relationship between the owner and manager of the cottage is often reminiscent of the relationship between married couples during the honeymoon, "says managing cottage Dmitry Selivanov. New employee struggles to please the employer, who in turn a blind eye to the complacent attitude despite all his flaws, adhering to the principle of "endure-slyubitsya.

Clear life goes exactly as far as the patience of the parties. Those who take jobs in towns, often complain about the manifestations of the manor Norova by employers. "The owners can pay 50 thousand rubles a month and for the money they see us as rich artists, which are trying to shift the bytovuhu, including transporting children to school, cleaning up a few hundred square meters of land, repairs, tuning and maintenance of boilers and generators, and are also cleaning a decorative pond up to the state of drinking water. On the employment contract rarely remembers, "complains Vyacheslav S., long time veteran valet. On average, these relationships last about six months and then move to the stage "with things on the way out." However, you can lose positions and faster. "In my memory exemplary steward at one moment lost his job, crushed his beloved dog owner at the time of parking lot" - says Dmitry Selivanov.

Residents of the village, coming into conflict with the staff, often motivated out on the warpath that servant steals and grows in insolence. For example, among managers cottages have recently appeared even a subclass of "butler-Figaro" - a man, manages to operate on two hosts. That's just how well he does it, the big question. Most often, it turns out - neither ours nor yours.

Villagers fault of their own often become victims of their own credulity, confusing the servants with the psychoanalyst: say, a woman cried in a weak moment housekeeper. "This is dangerous - says psychologist Institute group and family psychology, Irina Yakovich. - Always keep your distance: if the person gives you coffee in bed, it does not mean that he can sit on the same bed and stroking your head, like my own mother. " When a man of the servants are set almost relationship, already will not order him to do something. And in the worst case, workers will begin to blackmail, threatening to tell her husband about the observation made by you in a moment of weakness female secret. Vulnerable hosts that a servant can be a source of valuable information, because he knows everything that happens in the house. And not the fact that this information no one will take advantage of wrongful gain.
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