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<div style="text-align: justify;"><img height="72" width="200" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" rim="" maetok="" alt="Life - Precious, " src="/files/45/maetok_oprava mal.jpg" />These words could not have better reveal the essence of philosophy development company "Maetok. Development ", which embodies the unique architectural concept of an elite cottage complex" Manor. Treasury of Europe "- a unique project for the connoisseurs of status, respectability, the European lifestyle.<br /><br />Architecture and landscape complex are based on the architectural traditions of the Mediterranean countries: Italy, Greece, Spain and France.<br />Essential design, picturesque landscape solutions, the use of ecological materials - is the foundation of the concept of elite complex "Manor. Treasury of Europe.<br />At 10 km from Kiev planned construction of 449 modern houses.<br />Total area - 152 hectares, of which 45 hectares - birch grove.<br />The complex consists of 4 separate towns: "The Pearl of Italy" (18 hectares, 104 houses, built in 2008), "Brilliant Greece" (9 hectares, 31 cottages, is built), "Velvet Spain" (38 hectares, 178 houses, the draft "Necklace of France" (42 hectares, 136 houses; project).<br /> <br /><strong><img height="100" width="150" src="/files/45/diamant_mal.jpg" alt="Diamant Greece" style="margin: 5px; float: left;" />"Diamant Greece"</strong></div><div style="text-align: justify;">In March 2010, construction of cottage "Maetok. Brilliant Greece ", the second stage of elite cottage complex" Manor. Treasury of Europe.<br />On a total area of 9 hectares is planned to build 31 modern cottage area 300-500 sqm, each of whom will have access to a river.<br />Currently, work is underway on the construction of foundations, and to complete the zero cycle of cottages belonging to the town, and proceed with the construction above ground level is planned in November this year. Commissioning is planned for the III quarter of 2011.<br />Draft cottage "Brilliant Greece" designed by the architect Clemens Fizanom Zandi, reflects the spirit of the Mediterranean countries. Style of Greek architecture passed through the characteristic pastel-colored cottages finishing materials, as well as white columns that are integral to every detail of the Greek architectural structure. A distinctive feature of the town is its natural landscape. The river bed, which will spread along the town itself, conventionally divides the town into two parts, allowing access to water is present in every household. Unique image of the town also offer a picturesque lake and birch grove.<br /><br /><strong>Viktor Kovalenko<br /></strong><em><strong></strong></em></div>
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