Level troubled mortgages remains high

01.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate | Level troubled mortgages remains high Despite the fact that mortgage loans are now rare and market virtually froze the level of problem debt previously issued mortgages - high. About this IAP "Capital estate" said Paul Krapivin , first deputy chairman of the bank "Contract" . "Often the banks themselves to blame that led to this situation and are a factor in the transformation of credit that people normally served in problematic . When a loan - it is the wrong choice of currency . The classic example , the Swiss franc , when the person who paid for three years and body loan interest suddenly realizes that the loan was such as was due to the appreciation of the Swiss franc against the dollar. Or a decision to change the interest rate on the loan is not in favor of the borrower , "- said the banker.

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Earlier it was reported that the development of the mortgage in Ukraine restrains the high cost of borrowed resources .
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