Level of investment in real estate in Kiev in January amounted to $ 21.5 million

08.02.2011 17:11
In January 2011, investment in real estate of Kiev of $ 21.5 million, which compares with January last year (a difference of 1.5% in favor of the first month of 2011), Director General of the Academy of Sciences "Blagovest" (Kiev) Irina Lukhanin.

"Since January is traditionally a month of low business activity, it is incorrect to compare the figures with the results of December. December 2010 was the highest point of the year. Level of investment in real estate in December totaled $ 65.7 million with 903 held during the month of transactions. In December, supports a large part of deferred during the year demand, the transaction has been completed, execution of the package of documents on which was stretched at 1,5-2 months due to changes in bureaucratic procedures, "- commented Irina Lukhanin.

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The greatest number of transactions in January 2011 took place in the segment to $ 100 thousand dollars - 69% of the total number of operations. This segment is represented mainly by one-room apartment of 22-60 sq. m and are located in almost all regions of Kyiv, but a prestigious center. One bedroom apartments in this price category are 43-76 square footage. m and located on Borshchagovka, Poznyak, growers, Solomenko, Caves (Khrushchev's Fund), Obolon, Sotsgorod. Three-room apartments of 54-80 square meters. pm are predominantly Troyeschina and Chokolovke, Poznyak, Sotsgorod, Towers, Obolon. The most expensive objects sold in this price category in January, was one room apartment in a new house on the street. Getman worth $ 99,500.

Price range $ 100-200 thousand dollars in January amounted to 27,5% of the total number of transactions. This segment was introduced to a greater degree of two-and three-room apartment. Two-bedroom apartments of 52-92 square meters. m located on Osokorki, Shulyavka, Chokolovke, Pechersk in the Shevchenko district not. Two-bedroom apartments the meter 60-120 square meters. m are Obolon, Poznyak, Solomenko, Tatar, and in the Pechersk Svyatoshynskyi areas.

In the price range of $ 200-300 thousand concluded 3,5% of transactions. Here is dominated trehomnatnye apartments from 90 to 112 square meters. m Limes and Obolonskyi sticky. Also presented two-bedroom apartments 70-85 sqm. m in the center of the capital (Caves and Shevchenko areas), and four room apartments. In January of 2011 in this category were represented by large land plots in Kiev and Odessa Svyatoshynskyi directions.

"January 2011 proved to be very active for a given month of the season. Even the traditional lull during the Christmas holidays this year was very short. Already from January 7-8, began treatment clients in the company views the negotiations. The level of activity in January of this year was approximately equal to the middle of November 2010 for a month in the agency Blagovest received about 10 thousand hits. Of course, prevail requests and transactions in the economy segment (worth up to $ 100 thousand). However, in January this year showed a significant increase in demand for items priced from $ 250 up to 400 thousand There is also a customer interest in countryside homes and sites cost from $ 400 up to 600 thousand in the coming months, we expect increased activity in the medium price segment due revival of mortgage mechanisms and the traditional surge of interest in real estate acquisition in mid-March "- summed up the results of January Irina Lukhanin.

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