Letting your property: whether to protect themselves from unscrupulous tenants?

05.04.2011 09:57
Articles about real estate | Letting your property: whether to protect themselves from unscrupulous tenants? Sometimes, property rental can be no profits and losses. Not only that unscrupulous tenants leave home is not in the best condition, they often "forget" to pay the owners of the last installment. Particularly affected by this are the owners, for which rental income is an important part of the family budget.

According to estimates of German association of homeowners Haus & Grund, due to dishonest tenants the owners of houses and apartments in Germany annually lose about 2.2 billion euros, wrote tranio.ru.

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Few of apartment owners know that from these losses can be insured. In Germany, these services offer companies Helvetia, and R + V. Having the appropriate insurance policy, it is hoped that the company will reimburse you the expense, if the tenant does not pay for accommodation or cause harm to your apartment. However, entering into a contract with the insurer, be sure to carefully examine all the conditions.

The company R + V reimburse up to 15 000 euros for an annual fee to 99.90 euros, or 5000 at 54.90 euro contribution. To receive compensation, you must prove that the harm caused to property is a tenant, and also that the lessee is not justified claims to the host dwelling. Both conditions are difficult to perform. As a rule, unscrupulous tenants against the lessor many competing claims: that they do not want to pay for housing, because it is defective, not designated in the contract.

Insurance policy from a company Helvetia article? Um only 0,3% of annual rent (for example, 36 euros from 12,000 euros). But a policy can only be bundled with the standard property insurance from the same firm. When the unpaid rent offset the damage with a maximum of 12 months. In the event of damage to the apartment is paid only 80% of the necessary repairs. In addition, insurance is considered only the case when you can not get the money back through the courts. Yet completed the trial, and then we will prove the insolvency of the accused, it may take up to two years.

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