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26.10.2010 11:41
St. Petersburg real estate developers are seeing an increase in demand for apartments and start new projects. In 2010, the market has already received 3 times more housing under construction, than for the full year 2009.<br /><br />According to the city construction committee, beginning in October 2010 in St. Petersburg put 1.16 million square meters. m of new buildings.<br /><br />By the end of this year, as city officials expect, the input will be 2.3 million square meters. m (300,000 sq. m lower than in 2009). Of the new buildings this year at budget accommodation will have about 300,000 square meters. m, the press office of the Construction Committee.<br /><strong><br />Fewer meters, more credit</strong><br />The decrease in the primary mortgage market and development to stimulate demand for the St. Petersburg apartment, according to polled by Vedomosti experts.<br /><br />A group of LSR in the segment of mass housing demand in the first half of 2010, sales grew by 39% over the same period in 2009, and the elite - at 46%. Funds from the sale helped out more on 22 and 31% respectively (2.7 billion and 2.2 billion rubles.) Press service reported.<br /><br />Autumn compared to spring of this year, buyers were more at least 20%, said Oleg Eremin, vice president of group of companies Baltros. After the summer lull triggered pent-up demand, underpinned by favorable mortgage programs, explains Leo Gnidenko, CEO of SK "Ecumene".<br /><br />Market comes to life: mortgages cheaper and more accessible, in addition, the important role played by the psychological factor - people no longer afraid to invest, including real estate, said the Director of Corporate Communications LSR Julia Sokolova.<br /><br />This year, the St. Petersburg banks have issued 2 times more mortgages than from January to September 2009: 8.7 billion against 4.45 billion rubles., Reports the St. Petersburg Mortgage Agency.<br /><br />Recovery in the mortgage market due to the lower cost of borrowing: rates for the year decreased from 17-18 to 12-13% per annum in rubles and from 15 to 10,5% per annum in foreign currency, notes managing St. Petersburg branch of Gazprombank Olga Dragomiretskaya.<br /><strong><br />Less money, more savings</strong><br />Average loan amount in 2010 was 1.9 million rubles., And in 2008 St. Petersburg took an average of 2.53 million rubles., Analysts said the St. Petersburg Mortgage Agency.<br /><br />Builders are now offering the public low-cost (for the pre-crisis standards) housing. According to KC's "St. Petersburg real estate, for the first nine months of 2010, construction companies were withdrawn to sell 1.11 million square meters. m, of which 90,8% - housing the so-called mass market.<br /><br />According to the FOIA Zakharova, head of projects and analytical studies of ARIN, only in the III quarter of 2010, the St. Petersburg market emerged 14 new facilities with a total area of about 400,000 square meters. m. These were projects in the segments of economy, comfort and business class - they, according to realtors, most popular with buyers.<br /><strong><br />More projects, less land</strong><br />This year, the company began to actively acquire land for new projects, analysts said Arina. Land for housing in the auction fund assets enjoy very high demand.<br /><br />In September, LSR Group acquired 0.3 hectares for the construction of luxury housing on Krestovsky over 251 million rubles. with a starting price of 150 million rubles. The lot was traded eight companies. In October, the right to a four-year lease 1.2 hectares on Leninsky Prospekt received Ltd. "Planet" for 361 million rubles. with a starting price of 181 million rubles. Experts estimate that fund in this sector can build about 40,000 square meters. m of housing economy class.<br /><br />Market participants attributed the success of trading in that fund property rarely sells small, up to 1 hectare of land for housing. Since January, at the auction was billed a total of five such lots, "said Vladimir Smirnov, director general of investment and construction company" Norman. "<br /><br />But developers have reached out and over large areas. In September, holding LenSpetsSMU for 385.6 million rubles. bought 12 hectares on the waterfront October. This area is best suitable for low cost housing, said Vladimir Kopylov, a senior analyst Setl City.<br /><strong><br />Prices up and down</strong><br />According to ARIN, the average price of housing supply in the economy-the beginning of October amounted to 50,000 rubles. And business class - 85 000 rub., Elite - 180 000 rubles.<br /><br />Data Bulletin estate "show: at the end of October 2010 the index of the average cost of 1 sq. km. m in the primary market amounted to 70,562 rubles. Compared to the same period of 2009 this figure decreased by about 3000 rubles. Decrease from pre-crisis period was more significant - nearly 8,600 rubles.<br /><br />Since the crisis began steadily became cheaper economy class apartments - up to the III quarter of 2010, the overall decline during this period amounted to about 32%, says Yosh Zakharov.<br /><br />In the II quarter of 2010, a decrease in average prices was due to the appearance of two major projects economy class.<br /><br />Draft Glavstroy SPb "" North Valley "involves the construction of 2.7 million square meters. meters of housing being built 280,000 square meters. m. In May, there were a public sale at a price of 47,400 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m, in summer the company raised prices an average of 52,000 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m, only three-room flats are offered to 49 900 rubles. per 1 sq. km. m, the press service of the Glavstroy SPb.<br /><br />Housing estate "Seven Capitals company Setl City involves the construction of 2015-2017 was 1.5 million square meters. m of housing. Currently under construction are two houses on the 500 apartments, the press office. Average price of 1 square. m - 63 000 rubles.<br /><br />Now prices have stabilized, the analyst said Zakharov. Developer Gnidenko sure that soon they will not decline, by contrast, can smooth growth. But the rise in price will occur mainly at sites located in a high degree of readiness, they are most in demand in the market, adds Arseny Vasilyev, director general of the management company, Unisto Petrostal.<br /><em>Statements </em><br />
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