Leo Partskhaladze: Build low-cost housing in Kyiv economically inefficient «

21.12.2010 09:43
Articles about real estate | Leo Partskhaladze: Build low-cost housing in Kyiv economically inefficient « For the mass construction of cheap housing, "housekeeper", need help from the state.
At one time, you initiated a project to deploy Rybal's'ke Island City's business center. However, at the last moment, the city authorities refused to ROW. The case that lobbying was inefficient or inadequate, says Left Bank.

Rybalskyi - the geographical center of the city, an ideal place for business center. The project is being designed by students at Harvard - we have specially invited them, for them it was the thesis.

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You have sponsored their visit?

Arrival - yes. This was still at merstve Oleksandr Omelchenko. The idea he liked, he had it literally caught fire - represented, even the President. However, then - because of the peculiarities of the political situation, somehow it was extinguished.

Well, if it's investment climate has improved, and corruption - as you say - less likely to again take? And realize their ambitions, and the authorities will help - you need the same "Popivtsi" something to show the people of Kiev.

Indeed, it may soon return to the project. But, above all, necessary to the construction reform. It will also contribute to the elimination of corruption in this sphere.

Former majority Kyivrada "hold" to "distribute" the land "right people". Now - on the authority of one person. Is the fear of more "cemented" the majority?

I would not say that now directs MPs fear. There was no precedent to put pressure on the deputy, threatening, phoned on some occasion.

As before?

No, before this too was not. But it was settled, most decision-makers at their discretion, totally ignoring the rest position depkorpusa.

In addition to the "City" on Rybal's'ke you had another interesting idea: social housing ...

Yes. UBA has developed a project of mass construction "housekeepers." Unfortunately, everything remains at the level of ideas - we have not yet found the support of authorities. Today in Kyiv land is very expensive and communication, to build affordable housing here economically inefficient. This is logical in the satellite towns, where everything is much cheaper. But this should be done under the auspices of the State, as part of a special national program.

What are you hoping from the calculations - $ 450 per square?

Explain. The cost of housing is composed of: the cost of land (ownership or rental) of the building, supplying communications; fees for permits, ensuring project contributions to the city budget, profit developer.

Plus there may be additional costs for the payment of interest on the loan, for example. Successful experience in the construction of affordable housing in Ukraine has already been - in the postwar period. Erection of "Khrushchev" if, in fact, was the only way out. Today, for such a project is necessary, first of all, create a specialized state-owned company.

Under the national program can provide free allocation of state-owned companies - as the primary customer - the land. "Housekeeper" in all towns to build on the model, once approved, the project (so spending on the project documentation).

The centralized allocation of land, secured approval of purpose, grace summing up the communications restrictions profit developer (state-owned) at the level of 3-5%. Furthermore, when bulk ordering materials from the manufacturer, state-owned property development may well agree with the manufacturer about a significant discount.

The cost of such housing here is about $ 400-450 per square meter. If the "squares" 25, we get 11.250 thousand dollars for an apartment. The slight fluctuations in the price also depends on the region: it is clear in the Crimea, Kiev - slightly more expensive, on the periphery - cheaper.

12 thousand U.S. dollars more you can take the credit.

Possible. Especially, if implemented natsprogrammu assistance in acquiring housing, a proportion - 30 to 70. That is, the state contributes 30% of cost (the gratuitous support or interest-free loan), and 70% needed a loan. If you pay on it - depending on the rate - around 150-200 dollars a month for 7-8 years could be sufficient to pay off. It turns out even cheaper than rent an apartment.

In any case, without government assistance here - nothing?


For what exactly it is?

For taking appropriate decisions, approval of the national program and creating state-owned companies - a single customer of the project. With the private channels is impossible. In Ukraine, the price of housing is formed on demand and can not make the private channels, which received land at some concessional terms, to sell square meters and on preferential terms - at a certain price.

Homes, of which we are now talking about - the modern "Khrushchev", right? Erected at the expense of demolition of old?

We call them the "housekeeper". Lifetime - through the use of modern building technology - more than the "Khrushchev". But this project should not be attributed to the program of demolition of dilapidated housing.

Thus, the state needs to "go-ahead", the legal framework, institutional support, from business - the "engine" of the process. Which could well be you. You used to this and the money earned, and name.

Money would not earn. I have another goal - to raise the construction industry. See, when building a house occupied by about 40 companies: from, in fact, the builders, to lawyers, financiers, construction material manufacturers, realtors and others ... From the beginning of the crisis, construction halted, the market dipped, greatly affected many companies related to construction indirectly. A launch such a program would help them all up. The result - the economy would significantly improve your health.

What do you personally have made lobbying for the project? By the President, let go?

No, to Viktor Yanukovych, I have not yet arrived. At the moment we are a little shifted its focus: working actively to implement the reforms of the construction industry. Then, and until the project is available - cost, "as I call it - it comes home. It's all connected.

Media attributed to you friendship with Valery Khoroshkovsky. He, through his friend Levochkina could help lobbying.

The media are wrong. We can not say that I'm friends with Valery Khoroshkovsky.

"Building the reform will reduce the construction cost by 10-20%"

Reform of the construction industry you with Sergei Tigipko "advance". On what it is worth noting, a very bad PR.

You know, I run the Ukrainian Construction Association (UCA), our goal - improving the investment climate in the construction, protection of the interests of builders. One of the most serious problems in the industry, licensing system, operating since the Soviet era. That is, it creates fertile ground for corruption. Not so long ago, Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Tigipko caught fire ideas to the construction reform in Ukraine. He invited the UCA to become a sponsor of the reform project.

Six months we have been operating time documentary base. Collaborated with many organizations: the European Business Association to the American Chamber of Commerce; specialists in different fields. At present, the main work is done, the bill was created. It is expected that in December, BP will consider it in the first reading.

Set strict time limits: I would like to reform to actually earned since the new year. This will help reduce corruption by 90% and the cost of construction - by 10-20%. More than that: increase the inflow of investments into the industry.

So what's the essence of the bill?

First of all, the customer will now be no construction company - the city. The company also - on a competitive basis - would receive the right order fulfillment goroda.Zakonoproektom provides that registration of land will take no longer than 50-60 days, receiving orders for the construction - about 50 days, and putting into operation - no more than 10 days.

Today, the whole process lasts for securities 475. But in reality, this period is not controlled by the responsible officials, and may extend over a year without making a decision that blocks construction, increasing its cost. It is in getting all sorts of permissions - officials of local councils - the main component of corruption.

Therefore, our proposal, as I said: the city council does not approve each individual construction project, the investor acquires land on a competitive basis. This will be possible when every city of Ukraine will be developed and implemented a modern zoning, town-planning cadastre will work.

That is, even at the planning stage, all construction projects in advance "drawn": floors, density, specific purpose, etc. It is important to motivate local councils to fast creation of such zoninga. UCA offers: since the enactment of a moratorium on construction permits until such documents.

That is, a building permit can be issued only to those parts of the city, where zoning is approved. The city is directly interested in the planning of a civilized and harmonious. Coming for a building permit, the company checks with zoningom, where all written conditions and restrictions, which change it is already impossible. If the project company meets all the criteria - permission is obtained automatically.

Silent sabotage your innovation ranks of all stripes is guaranteed. Know-how promises to deprive them of their "trough".

What we offer - the rules of the game. Since today all the work still under Soviet law. Developer comes to the officials responsible for establishing the level of, well, let's insolation ... What is it? The penetration rate in the building of sunlight. So, the officer can give you permission to build or not to give, due to the fact that you have to insolation, not all okay. And the land you have, and the project is approved, and investment, and that's no help, and all - can not build.

"People will not buy anything until the builders would not build"

In what state is now general market? The crisis finally ended, or expect a second wave?

The market continues to recover from the crisis. But, you know, people start to buy anything as long as the builders will not build. Yes, the pricing applies to people with great apprehension. Moreover, people hope: the prices will fall. But there is another serious danger: the pent-up demand. De facto, from the middle of 2008 new homes is almost built. And demand, all the time to accumulate. And when he did begin to appear, prices can soar at times. Quite possibly, it will happen as early as 2011.

Much depends on not \ restore mortgage.

Do not forget: mortgage - only stimulating factor, by itself it will not make housing more affordable. Of course, it b nice if the state helps the individual categories of citizens to repay the interest rates on loans. And the stakes were not 15-20%, and 10, for example. Logical: people used again started to take out loans that would have stimulated the industry in general.

How much you personally are poorer in crisis as billions lost?

Not considered. And, you know, it is not so crucial.

Really? But help from the state sector, in your opinion, then was not enough, right?

Adopted at the time the law № 800 partly helped finish the unfinished. Unfortunately, a number of other important crisis of the provisions of this law were not implemented.

However, control of the state sector - a guarantee of non-stories with "Elite-Center"?

Whichever is meant by "Elita-Center". If a person plans a scam in advance - figure out how to circumvent the law. However, largely, a matter of course, will be resolved. Thus, in our bill - we talked about - is planned to introduce provisional registration of apartments before obtaining a warrant. So will avoid double sales of the same areas.

Plus - the mechanisms of self-regulation. The industry itself will determine which companies will have access to the construction of various objects. Today to participate in the construction of the airport, for instance, can any company. While it is logical to restrict eligibility to contest for the construction of such facilities, only large companies with specific expertise, capabilities, past an "evolutionary" development, rather than appearing "out of nowhere."

Who is to decide the issue of access?

By the builders, and market participants.

Monopolists, then?

None. It is about transparent rules of the game.

Here, you, big businessman, seeking to implement their projects in the common country level. Why did you tell the city council?

In the city council, I came to the team. Our main aim was the development of Kyiv, the improvement of life of citizens. Kyiv capital - the face of the country, I do not care how it will evolve.

As a result you klichkovskogo "hit" in the local elections?

Vitali was a good result. This is understandable: people want to see new faces in politics, new ideas, new views.

Your people on his list of call?


And you're a future campaign as a plan - a city council or BP?

Election soon, was not thinking yet. Although, of course, given the ideas that I have, the Verkhovna Rada for me higher priority.

So you urgently need or district to select and start the "spud" or - more accurately - the Party of Regions to join!

And it was only with the Party of Regions can be in parliament to pass?

You doubt? You can, of course, Tyagnybokom go, he'll gladly accept it.

Yes, he gave me with my name, exactly, would (laughs).

You are, incidentally, have a membership card?

Today I am a member of the party's political council "Blow."

How much money over the years you spent on a political project Klitschko?

All amounts have been officially announced. Exact figures I do not remember.

We are interested in actual numbers, rather than official.

That I will not comment.

Finally. You continue to communicate with Vitali Klitschko? Maybe friends?

Yes, we see each other and communicate.

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