Lending to buy property in the primary market

07.09.2010 17:58
Articles about real estate | Lending to buy property in the primary market On the real estate lending in the primary housing market at a roundtable today told the head of trust operations PAO Kreditprombank Alexander Nedbailo.

Corresponding portal zagorodna.com asked Mr. Nedbailo answer a few questions.
-What factors depends on the loan amount?

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The solvency of the borrower and his family, on loan term, the market value of real estate that is transferred into the mortgage.

-Does the place of registration of the borrower for a loan?

The borrower must be registered on the territory of Ukraine and be a citizen of Ukraine.

-What is the maximum term loan to purchase real estate in the primary market?

Up to 33 years - on the purchase of residential property.

-What insurance policies are required when you make such a loan?

Before the construction project into operation binding contract of property insurance of the borrower, according to which the insured object of investment against the risks associated with the financing of the construction and / or investing in an amount not less than the sum value of the object 'EKTA investment specified in the mortgage agreement. After entering the construction project into operation - there is property insurance against accidental damage, injury and destruction. Personal insurance of the borrower in accordance with the decision of credit and investment committee of the bank.


The Bank provides loans for primary real estate market despite the crisis, according to the scheme CFF at 15 construction sites. They are: Kherson, Mykolayiv, Odessa, Donetsk, Sumy, Kyiv region.
Lending to developers secured by the property developer or loans on deposit.
The Bank lends to principals at 15% annually in local currency.

Victor Kovalenko

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