Legislation to allow to build houses with their own hands

03.10.2010 11:05
More than 60% of potential buyers do not want to live in frame houses prefabricated. They choose the "hard" technology, based on which there is concrete. This was told the general director of MIEL Investment in low-rise construction, Oleg step on last Sept. 16 conference "The advantages of low-rise building: his house - his own hands." <br /><br />"I criticized the idea of building a house" with his own hands, "- said the step. - Today there are a number of key unresolved issues as technological and legal, are not circumvented. I do not know the solutions to family doctors or teachers, ie, people without special construction education, build their own house. " <br /><br />Law does not address the issue as a private person to obtain a building permit. Erection of house with his own hands without this document is equivalent to samostroyu. In order to pass the constructed house in operation, is required to provide documentation preparation, however, an individual does not possess the required knowledge and abilities. <br /><br />Design stage involves a complex of works on creation of conceptual, architectural, detailed design and all related sections. Architect certify a set of documents only when the field supervision on his part. The cost of such work amounts to 3-10% of the estimated home. Make an estimate on the basis of TSN on the basis of the accepted system of calculation, the existing norms of the cost of works and materials, can only professional. <br /><br />Stage of construction - the most important step. Simple solution - this acquisition frame prefabricated house prefabricated, installation of which is in the area takes 2-3 days. But it should be understood that the thickness of the walls of the house is only 15 cm, the period of its operation only 20-30 years, and the cost of the manufacturer is making more cost-effective construction of a stone house. <br /><br />Cottage.ru 
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