Lease of land in Ukraine has risen to twice

31.10.2012 01:15
As deputy chairman Sergei Goszemagentstva Berdnikov, today the average size of the rent of land is about 600 USD. per hectare, which is almost two times more than last year (about 350 USD. per hectare), the press service of the ministry. Such dynamics due to changes made ​​to the procedure for calculating the regulatory monetary value of land, in a formula which is based on the coefficient of 1.756. Thanks to the almost two-fold increase in fixed income tax, which is paid farmers.

Next year will adopt a new methodology for assessing farmland.

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It is likely that for regions with favorable weather conditions and a strong agricultural infrastructure factors in determining the valuation of the land will be increased, and in the troubled regions with arid or wetlands, on the contrary reduced.
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