Law on Urban Development will not reduce house prices in Ukraine

25.02.2011 21:00
The law "On regulation of urban development" will simplify the approval procedure and putting into operation, but on property values is not signif.

Affect the cost of housing could be compensated developers spending on construction of engineering networks outside sites, first deputy chairman of the board of the Association, Regional Construction, Director of Makrocap Group Dmitry Kutovoi, wrote Building.

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"The Cabinet of Ministers № 509 prescribes a period of 6 months to develop a procedure for compensation to developers the costs incurred for the construction of networks outside of construction sites. It has been almost 1.5 years since its signing, but no order has not been developed. There must be strong political will. If the president will sign this document and monitor the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, it really could seriously affect the value of property ", - said Dmitry Kutovoi.

Commenting on a new law on urban planning, director of Makrocap Group stressed that the law provides for the publicity and openness of the construction market of Ukraine. "Foreign investors and domestic investors is very important to understand what to invest and what to expect risks. Today it is a business based on denying access to information about the development of a territory. The law "On regulation of urban development" provides the principle of openness in the formation of the urban cadastre.

The same applies to licensing and supervisory system. By law, the examination will deal not only state-run "Ukrgosstroyekspertiza" which have been linked all sorts of corruption scandals, but also the institution of professional experts. Another question - how he will form ", - said the developer. And Dmitri Kutovoi believes in the law for the first time in the history of independent Ukraine, "based on the principles of system approach to the development of the territory and buildings.
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