Law on the land market will allow tenants to acquire land without restrictions

15.02.2011 12:07
Articles about real estate | Law on the land market will allow tenants to acquire land without restrictions The draft law "On Land Market" is a provision that would allow tenants and regular users of land to acquire unlimited size plots.

This opinion was expressed by a lawyer, a partner at law firm Vaschenko Buhay & Partners Denis Buga, According to the press service of the company.

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According to D. bull, today in Ukraine there are two main types of tenants - agricultural holdings and individual land users, which is working on the ground, and major tenants, are simply aimed at making a profit, often making use of ineffective methods of treatment to the ground.

According to the lawyer, the bill must first protect the first group of tenants and create a mechanism which does not allow to legalize shadow scheme for the ownership of agricultural land to people who are not directly related to agriculture.

Therefore, DA BUG focused on the provisions of the bill, which establishes that citizens of Ukraine who have received plots of land for agricultural use of lands of state or municipal property for permanent use or lease before the coming into force of the law of Ukraine "On Land Market" shall have the right to purchase ownership of such sites in excess of the norm of free privatization.

"This rule is in fact legitimizes the position of unlimited amounts of land for regular users and tenants, indicating that the inconsistencies with the norm of the boundary size of land parcels. In practice, this will simply allow major tenants simply transfer land from the mode of use in the regime of private property ", - said the lawyer.

DA BUG also noted that the rules of law reinforce the privileged position of the permanent tenants and users of land by providing them with pre-emptive right to acquire plots of land that are privately owned. In particular, the sale of such land, tenants have the right to purchase at a price that is offered to other participants land sales, without increasing it, resulting in a lack of competition in the market of agricultural land and put at a disadvantage in terms of the seller of land.

As UNIAN reported earlier, the law of the land market Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine plans to take in the first quarter of 2011. The draft law on the treatment of agricultural lands to ensure the prevention of speculation with the land, settlement of issues about who has the right to buy land (in particular, foreign citizens can not acquire agricultural land), and sets the minimum value of agricultural land.

Recall lifting of the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land to provide for the adoption of laws "On State Land Cadastre" and "land market".

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