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Once we made a down payment for an apartment, a woman. Before this, we gave her address, she went to this address, and then brought the money ... We began to prepare documents for the transaction. And here she employs three days in terror and said that the advance would make for another apartment in another firm.
Later it turned out that the woman in the movie "Enjoy Your Bath", mixed up the street. Our apartment was on the street Barhotovoy 8-82, but she wanted to buy Strelnikova 8-82. We all laughed over it, especially a young man working in our company. A few days after this incident, he went to make a down payment on a house in a private real estate companies on behalf of our company. What was his surprise when three days later, he learned from our customers that we squandered that deposits are not made for the house. They wanted to buy at: shops, 79, and he has made for the craft 80. At this point we all laughed at him so that he blushed even a week.
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