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Extending the deadlines and established Express program, the UK will be able to double fees from insurance suburban nedvizhimosti.Nyneshnim summer domestic UK promises to deliver an absolute record for charges of insurance houses and private homes. To do this, they have already been transferred to long-term policies to clients, has launched a massive sales express insurance and related products, as well as restructured its sales network. By the most conservative projections, all this will allow them to increase premiums on this type of once in 1,5-2 times.

Policies lengthened.

Summer growing interest of citizens to a suburban property insurance explain the seasonal factor. Policies on the country houses and cottages, fearing for their property, acquired in anticipation of holiday travel, but also because of hot weather. According to MOE, in June-August, the country annually erupt about 15 thousand fires. Most often they arise in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Donetsk, Odessa and Lugansk regions. Saluting such statistics, the UK every summer, increasing the size of their bonuses in the suburban segment. This year they have reverted to a more efficient way to increase sales.

The most common - increase the term of the policies. Back in 2007 the citizens had the opportunity to insure the suburban real estate only for June-August, immediately turned to the UK short-selling of products. "We are all home insurance policies are for the year", - said, "DS" director of the department of management products company Oranta Ludmila purse. "The need for" short "insurance arises from customers in the most risky periods. For example, summer in the south of the country or in a season of floods in the Carpathian region. However, in agreeing to such insurance companies take on greater risk. Realizing that the short-term contracts increase the percentage of loss, they are either significantly increase the rate (on average by 20-40%. - "DS") of such insurance, or even abandon such practices, "- added the head of its property insurance company" Ukrainian Insurance Group Sergey Slupitsky.

Renewal of policies results in a significant increase in premiums. If the annual fee for the insurance policy at home, estimated, for example, a $ 250 thousand, is $ 625-700, then three - only $ 200. To date, the cost of insuring the building in the Ukrainian market in the range of 0,2-0,5% of the market price of the property. "In the final tariff affect different factors: proximity to the airport, finding a number of dangerous objects - power stations and distribution, indoor use open flames - such as fire," - said "DC" Head of Property Insurance Department, the product management of the company "Universal Vyacheslav Sarandi. In addition, the client has to spend money on home repair and insurance of property situated in a country cottage. After all, to insure only the flood is impractical because a case of an accident the company will reimburse only damage the walls, ceiling and roof. "Insurance interior trim will cost 0.45% of its price, household goods - a few more: 0,55-0,56% of the cost" - the director of the Department of Insurance Financial Group Insurance traditions Taras Chemerys.

Dangerous Express

Common reception building sales this summer has been the imposition of additional products. Along with insurance and real estate property UK offer policies of third party liability. Say, the neighbors will be able to count on the compensation of losses from fire or explosion of their home, if you pay in addition to the cost of insurance has 0,1-1% of the limit of liability.

No less an effective course to build sales - the unwinding of express home insurance, which have introduced almost all the leading companies. "When a contract under the program express insurance client may not offer his property for inspection and inventory before signing the contract. He determines the cost of an apartment, decorating and property, and specifies a set of risks ", - told the" DS "Deputy Vice President of Sales" ASKA "Lyubov Denisova. Typically, home insurance on such terms agree only in certain quantities. For example, in "ASKA" the maximum amount for insurance without inspection is 1 million USD. In Providna "- 1,3 million UAH. Policy without examining the average market costs by 20-30% cheaper than visiting a specialist UK. "Insurance without inspection less costly for companies," - explained "DS" Head of Property and Liability Insurance Company «AXA Insurance" Olga Yablonivskaya.

That liberal prices, and made rapid product a real hit this summer. "In small towns and villages of the population buys more rapid insurance, as these policies are cheaper and include a range of services. Along with the contract of insurance of housing we offer insurance of farm animals, as well as from accidents "- explains Mr. Sarandi. However, following the lead of his avarice, experts advise, and weighed the risks involved. Experts assure us that by purchasing a policy for rapid program, when an insured event, you can get miserable pay. "For example, if the contract provides for depreciation allowance, the amount of damages will be much less than the costs that are incurred by the customer during the repair work" - said in a conversation with "DS" Group President SWAN Consulting Natalia Lebed. The most noticeable wear is in the determination of compensation for finishing the interior and household goods. After all, consumer and computer technology becomes obsolete very quickly because the market there are modern models. Even keeping a check, indicating the cost of acquisition of burnt television or a refrigerator to get a refund in the amount of this amount will be problematic. SC certainly insist on the fact that even when taking out a new thing out of the store is losing at least 5% of its value. In fact, the amount of compensation for second-hand furniture and equipment will not exceed 10-15% of their original price. "In case of disagreement, the client with the amount of compensation to prove him right in court is almost impossible. After all, examination was not carried out by specialists, the technical condition of the property at the time of the contract in no way confirmed. This means that the UK can always optimize the amount of compensation ", - said," DS "Ms. Swan. Experts believe that by such methods insurers on the basis of work in 2008 will decrease to 20% of the total volume of payments by express insurance.

Agent coup

Introducing new techniques, the UK continues to actively work to expand the ways of marketing. Until recently they relied on direct sales. "The main channel for the implementation of insurance policies for homes is an extensive network of affiliated companies", - said Vyacheslav Sarandi. But more recently they began to give ground, and today they are buying insurance only 20-40% of country houses. So the financiers are increasingly resorting to alternative sellers - real estate agencies and housing cooperatives. Along the way, they forge and packaging services. "We are beginning to use cross-selling. In response to growing demand for "avtograzhdanki" workers in our offices in regional centers are able to offer customers who buy auto insurance, the insurance program houses, "- said in an interview with" DS "Sergei Slupitsky.

Experts believe that the launch of Express software and the lengthening of standard products together with the expansion of sales channels will allow Ukrainian SC put this record in a country insurance. According to current projections, collection of premiums in this segment is the beginning of September to grow by 1,5-2 times.
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