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02.01.2011 18:45
Articles about real estate | Land vnarezku. For those who are building itself Plots without a contract has become one of the main trends of suburban real estate market in crisis, and retained its popularity until now. In addition, developers have begun to market multi-format villages, in which plots without a contract are an integral part.

People love

The popularity of this format due to increased demand from the population: it is possible to buy land and build up with it when it will be possible. During the crisis, this format has become the most popular. "And today, these proposals are still in demand in the market. Accordingly, they have not lost relevance, and for developers "- the director of consulting company" RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko. "Consumers, as always, are most active in economy class, which corresponds to the reporting format." Loved the size of "buyers of land of 6.12 hectare.

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Recently, buyers' interests began to gradually shift towards areas with contract.
"New projects at a distance of 30 km from Kiev - is basically cottage villages in the contract, additional or mandatory" - says Victor Kovalenko. According to the expert, the land with contract has several advantages. First, the consumer does not have to spend time and effort to coordinate work of outside contractors, since all the care assumes the developer of the project. Secondly, offset by the risks of conflict with the official builder. Third, the buyer receives the documentation. And the plots without a contract, according to Kovalenko, have their disadvantages: not everyone wants to live in a village, where houses are built in different styles. "Another problem with this format - unfinished. Since each owner determines the duration of erection of his house, this process may be delayed ", - said the expert.

The value of deals

"Of the total number of proposals today, 23% for villas, 10% - for townhouses, and 63% - on the plots without a contract" - quoted the DA Taganov. According to the CEO of "Beautiful Land" by Ilya Sapunova in the Moscow area has 150-170 villages without a contract, in the neighboring regions - from 5 to 20 in each. The tendency, when the owner of several tens of hectares decides to turn his land into town without a contract. And if last year projects organized primarily on large parts of an area of 50 hectares, now in it willingly taken the owners of small areas, up to 10-20 hectares.

However, V. Yakhontov confident that over time, plots without a contract at a distance of 30 km from the capital is gradually leave the market. "In Moscow suburbs developers acquired the site for construction of residential or commercial real estate. But during the acute phase of the crisis have resorted to anti-crisis measure for real money - the sale of land in the form of plots without a contract "- said the expert. According to him, as the release of economic recession, the company returned to the original concept of building.

Compromise in this segment has become a new trend: in recent years on the market are increasing multi-format projects. For example, in 2009 the company "ZemAktiv" put on the market holiday village Aleshkino (Novorizhskoe highway), which offered only plots without a contract. And in 2010 there were cottage villages Pansies (Novorizhskoe highway) and Sosnovka Park (Simferopol highway), which are already multi-format projects - with a contract and without it. "In addition, in the cottage, where most houses have been built, are commercially available plots without a contract. But they are positioned as a VIP-zone, as it is located closer to the forest and are sold at a higher price "- says NA in blank.

Price is above all

Plots without a contract to justify their belonging to the economy-especially in terms of cost. According to I. Sapunova, about half the objects are less than 1 million rubles.: Such a distribution of prices is not in any other segment of the real estate market. In this case, even now, in the second year of active development of this format, there is serious competition among developers. As a result, developers are paying more attention to improving product quality. For example, strive to achieve a more attractive the status of their plots, the kind of permitted use is not a summer resort, and for individual housing construction. In addition, many companies supplement their projects exclusive of infrastructure - berths for boats, artificial lakes, observation decks, etc. "The cheapest offer free land for construction in an area of the Minsk highway, where the average price of the plot is 1.6 million rubles . The most expensive - Rublyovo-Uspensky highway - up to 60 million rubles. In this case, any significant fluctuations in the price of real estate on this format has not been noticed, "- said Dmitry Taganov. According to him, over the summer decline in the average cost of weave was low - about 11%.

According to N. letterhead, the prospect of organized settlements without a contract is still largely dependent on the financial situation of the developer - in fact on the ground will require building a lot of money, and the communication has to be fought in any case as to the settlement of the contract, and without it.

In the future, according to Yu Severenko, the proportion of plots without a contract will decrease, but in a segment of the far cottages, is likely to continue because there is a certain category of customers for which the priority of the purchase price is.
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