Land tax for certain areas has tripled

03.01.2011 09:45
Articles about real estate | Land tax for certain areas has tripled The new Tax Code method of calculating the land tax remained the same. The tax base remains the normative monetary assessment allotment. But if the land is not assessed, the tax will be levied according to another scheme. And now have to pay more.

For example, if the owner had 12 hectare each year paid in treasury UAH 288, but now will have to pay 924 USD. True, the tax does not apply to those areas where there are houses and outbuildings. If this city - no more than 0.1 hectares, in villages - no more than 0.15 ha, and in the villages - no more than 0,25 hectares, writes reporter.

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"Responsibility for the delayed payment of land taxes implies a penalty for each day of delay and penalties. According to Article 141 of the Land Code of Ukraine, the systematic non-payment of land tax or rent can lead to deprivation of property rights on the land or the right to use them" - says the company lawyer Yustikon Margarita Chernokondratenko.

But Maxim Fedorchenko, director of the Internet Project for Land Reform Policy in Ukraine, said that a threefold increase in rates is hardly a surprise: every year they increased the budget law, sometimes - many times. "If you start with 70 million hryvnia per year from all over Ukraine, and now goes by the billions," - said the expert.

Analysts also believe that the new provisions on the tax on the land mortgaged lot of common standards. For example, the head of risk management Kiev Directorate of Innovation and Industrial Bank, Alexander Podolyanko deems appropriate norm, which stipulates that a tax on farmland, where the production is not conducted over three years, used the coefficient of 1.2, but if the earth and beyond continues to be idle , the coefficient of annual growth of 20%.

"This is a blow to speculative capital. After all, until the crisis to 70% of transactions in the land market were speculative in nature", - states Podolyanko. And the owners of a large number of plots haste to remove them, and, above all, the land will be sold to any flaw.
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