Land Registry: Make a personal bribe?

16.06.2011 12:00
Articles about real estate | Land Registry: Make a personal bribe? Until the end of the current session of the Verkhovna Rada is expected to adopt a law on land registry, which is much closer market launch of sale of land.

According to the developers of the document, he will establish order in the work of officials and will bring all the scattered information into a single electronic database. As an added bonus included the fight against corruption - to win it all do not promise, but undertake to personalize bribes.

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Free of knots

June 9 held a committee meeting of parliament on Agrarian Policy and Land Relations, where with the participation of scientists and representatives from the Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Agricultural Policy was considered the final version of the bill № 8087 the Land Registry for a second reading (the first reading of the bill was passed May 19).

This meeting took place quickly and without much controversy - the deputies agreed with almost all the proposals, 90% of which were more technical in nature. The most significant amendment proposed to the authors of the bill, and Valeriy Bezenko Roman Tkach, as well as a member of the relevant committee of parliament, Stanislav Miller. So after a meeting of the relevant committee recommended the bill for consideration and adoption on second reading in general.

"I think that next week he will be brought to the session hall of the Verkhovna Rada, and will be adopted in the first half," - said after meeting Deputy Chairman of State Agency of Land Resources of Ukraine (GAZR) Nicholas Kalyuzhny.

But exactly when the document is adopted, while difficult - date not yet determined. "This should happen either at the plenary session on June 14-18, or at the last plenary session of the current session from 5 to 8 July. That is, we hope that in any event no later than July 8, we have this very important piece of legislation ", - said director of legal framework for the development of land relations of the State Agency of Land Resources Eugene Berdnikov. Experts say the likelihood of adoption of the law at this session is high - the project found support not only among members but also among relevant ministries and senior officials.

Fundamental news

The main thing is that the developers have proposed in the draft - this is just the definition of the state land cadastre (SLC). Now it will be assumed by the state Geographic Information System. It will be automated, although this term is not included in the definition. As experts explain, today in the registration area is used a few terms: inventory, automated system for the SLC and the database is an automated system DZK. To eliminate this terminological confusion, and it was decided to retain only one concept - the SLC. It is now in the inventory will be made to all information on the ground.

Moreover, as emphasized by the developers, the definition of "GIS" is important, because the data about the site can not be abstract and not tied to a physical site. Now all the information in the inventory would have a double confirmation: on the ground in the form of an object and the information carriers in the system.

Developers have tried to remove and existing dualism of the SLC. Today, the inventory is not really GAZR (formerly SLC) and its regional bodies, and specialized state-owned enterprise. But state-owned enterprise in the future will carry only the technical work that is literally on the order of Nasr and its territorial bodies lay and repair communications systems, do the software. And all the power to direct management of the inventory will go Nasr.

The bill provides that the SLC will have a single routine basis with other inventories, such as urban planning and environmental - all data will be agreed between them. Moreover, if we can create a quality map database to calculate the SLC it take for the frame of reference for other inventories, the regulatory framework which is now also being developed.

One of the most important innovations is the introduction of the bill unchanged cadastral number for each site - it will become a universal identifier of land in the HSC. Number, as explained by the developers, will now appear in the system before the decision to grant the site and appear in all documents after his assignment, ie will not change under any circumstances. In turn, any work on land management and decisions of local authorities on the ground will be considered valid only when the system will be in the SLC.

Decided to experiment and developers - want to introduce the possibility of access to the SLC through the intern. And all those who doubt refer to the Russian system, where inventory is available free online. Officials already know that you will only see the hidden personal data, but have not yet decided whether to take a fee for using the system. "As we still believe free provision", - said N. Kalyuzhny.

Corruption is personal

However, the most innovative and breakthrough idea the developers call the individualization of the inventory. We are talking about that now do cadastre issues will not abstract territorial authorities Nasr, and their specific employees - cadastral registers, the institution that introduced the bill. To get to the post will have no legal or land management education and professional experience of at least 2 years. Minimum area to be served by registrars, district or city will be of regional importance.

"Now the entry in the SLC will be carried out not by bodies and registrars who work there and are personally accountable and have their own name print. If corruption can not be defeated, it can be personalized, "- explains EA Berdnikov.

It should be noted that the establishment of this institution took into account experience with land issues in the Kiev region, where most have occurred scandals involving corruption and the disappearance of the responsible officials (or the appearance of several), which is why the entire system is paralyzed zemuchastkov registration. Now be responsible for the entire process - from making statements to secure the seal of a title document. If the DVR is suddenly "disappear", his press declared invalid and another appointed in his stead.

The developers think this decision is a strong anti-corruption measures, especially in conjunction with article on amendments to the Code of adminnarusheniyah, which just provides the registrar responsible for violations of procedures and deadlines. However, based on current Ukrainian realities, it is hard to believe that the country does not exist "brave men", ready to risk a hundred or so for tens of thousands UAH.
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