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15.04.2011 10:55
Articles about real estate | Land Reform - Home In the list of priorities of the Ukrainian government should be the reform of agricultural land. About This involves the analysis conducted by experts from the American Institute in Ukraine (AIU), wrote UBR.

The document specifically notes that the Ukraine is 25% black soil throughout the world. What gives her the opportunity to turn to Saudi Arabia in relation to agricultural production. "At the same time, a significant portion of its underutilized" - the experts say.

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In this regard, in their opinion, if Ukraine takes the right laws on the use of agricultural land and property rights to it, then Ukraine's GDP per capita will double rapidly. "Ideally, legislation should provide guidance on long-term leases of land so that foreign and domestic investors have an incentive to invest in construction of grain elevators, new irrigation systems and other things" - the document says.

"Without significant reform in this area, Ukraine will miss his chance, " - experts believe AIU.
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