Land profitable deposits

16.10.2010 09:00
Articles about real estate | Land profitable deposits Analysts UK "Absolute Management reported that the suburban real estate market in the Moscow region can once again compete with bank deposits in profitability. Thus, experts believe that the return on investment in land at least two times higher than yields on bank deposits.

Investments in real estate have always had one of the first places on the yield, even in times of crisis. After the crisis, the investment segment of the steel sections with no contract. Plots are sold in fast settlements could bring between 10% per annum at an average annual return of ruble bank deposits at 3-5%, experts say. Now, when the suburban real estate is getting cheaper metropolitan apartment, locked the stable demand for land. This indicates that the land market in Moscow played crisis fall.

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Since the beginning of this year, the value of land in the final settlements with areas without a contract increased by 22% in rubles. And many private investors assess the prospects of suburban real estate market. Thus, the company reports that about 20% of shoppers buy plots in villages without a contract with the investment objectives.
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