Land ownership is unusual and should ensure that the state

03.12.2010 11:05
Articles about real estate | Land ownership is unusual and should ensure that the state Recall free privatization of land began last year.

In August, Yulia Tymoshenko has publicly promised to break the backbone of the people of the land mafia and announced a massive issuance of state certificate of land to the public. For everyone, free of charge and within 30 days ... Immediately after the entry into force of the famous Decree № 844 of the Cabinet Members homestead and garden plots lined up for the state certificate in long queues, writes Alex.

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It is difficult to overestimate the order, it is only in our region more than 150,000 land were not acts of land, including 7,5 thousand Cossacks living in the private sector or with plots.

In the position applied gardeners cottage cooperative ZMI-3 (now - the territory of the Shevchenko district). They privatized the land 15 years ago, received the relevant documents. At the time, this area belongs to the village Druzheliubivka Volnyanskogo area.

Recently it was reported that while none of this co-op had no right to privatize the land and the inventory data are not included. In the end, it took all the restructure in a new way to pass the money on the design document package. State certificate is promised in May, then in August ... Now the chief accountant of the cooperative ZMI-3 argues that the state certificate issuance process is delayed through the fault of the alleged enterprise "Zaporozhpoliservis. So why are hampered by the process?

Free cheese only in a mousetrap?

"Registration of title documents for the land - a necessary step for the emergence of property rights or land use, state-guaranteed. Without appropriate public act or lease starting to use land in Ukraine is forbidden "- art. 125 of the Land Code of Ukraine.

As the chief accountant of "Zaporozhpoliservis Elena Yablunovskaya, growers cooperative ZMI-3 for a long time to collect documents. After the decision of city council session of the documents submitted to the territorial department of the State Committee, signed a contract to provide free design and technical documentation. In the present case "Zaporozhpoliservis provides services for the preparation of the technical documentation. On delay fault of ours out of the question: sessions are held every day. Thus, at the session on 6 October decision № 99 on the transfer of gardeners ZMI-3 land ownership.

Issue deals with state certificate issuing state-run Center for State Land Cadastre State Committee of Ukraine. " Now gardeners issued a sample application that must write each of them and submit to the above authority. Then they will order in Kiev and print forms.

According to Helen Yablunovskoy, regulations, stating that the issue can state certificate under the simplified procedure has not been canceled. Meanwhile, following the resignation of the Tymoshenko government, no one observes. In 2010, the funding issue free state certificate suspended, respectively, in the SE Center DZK "no forms to free privatization.

According to the chairman of the Shevchenko district administration Igor Biryukov, "until November of this year, has already issued 103 public act on the ground. Documents for construction and maintenance of residential buildings and structures were given free of charge. Another 250 are waiting for ready-made acts of ownership in the department of land management. Indeed, this work in 2010 was suspended, but I think by the end of the year all those who submitted applications will receive the documents. "

By the way, as stated at a meeting in the Governor Director of Zaporozhye regional branch enterprise "Centre DZK Alexander Evgrafov, land registry operates in strict accordance with the law, but agreed that the order to produce acts of ownership of land needed to simplify."

From the Editor: maybe, just land and stubborn people do not give? It's - the only one not yet privatized value.

Legal Aspect

Commented lawyer Dmitry Maystro:

- The procedure of privatization of land by citizens provided art. 118 of the Land Code of Ukraine. Decisions of executive bodies and local authorities regarding the privatization of land, taken within a month, on the basis of technical materials and documents that confirm the size of land.

In case of refusal executive authority or local authority in the transfer of land ownership, or if you leave the application without consideration of the issue decided in the courts.


Ukraine has 14.5 million land users who have the right to privatize their land. State certificate received slightly more than half - 58.3%, is not got - 41,7%.

In the Zaporozhye region in 2002 issued 750 000 acts on the ground, but from the moment of decision № 844, according to July 2010 - 52,000 state certificate, that is one-third of what is needed.
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