Land near St. Petersburg resell at a price of 110 times more

14.09.2010 10:43
Articles about real estate | Land near St. Petersburg resell at a price of 110 times more Profitability of trading land for cottages in St. Petersburg and Leningrad region, even in crisis and sky-high reaches 11,000%. The cost of land in cottage settlements Leningrad varies depending on the area and its remoteness from the city. According to the North-West Chamber of Real Estate, 10 ares to the north of 50-70-kilometer zone of the city will cost about 2 million rubles. At a distance of 70-100 km - from 1.5 million rubles. These prices, claimed the developers and include engineering training.

"Before the crisis in the wake of rising costs, many developers (and often just speculators) buying up acres of land," - says the Deputy Director of the Consulting Centre "St. Petersburg real estate Olga Troshev. According to her, the owners of such sites have divided them up into small pieces and put up for sale in the so-called cottage settlements, as desperate to sell large holdings entirely.

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According to ARIN, over 75% of the proposals on the country market - land. As chairman of board of the Northwest Chamber of Real Estate Paul Sozinov, approximately 80% of all sites in a cottage village goes on sale without a contract and such sites are sold in almost every cottage settlements. It is noteworthy that some areas simply are: owners can not afford to dump them at low prices. As a rule, once they acquire these sites for a pittance. The most popular schemes of the acquisition were buying selhozpaev and privatization of social sphere.

According to analysts, land obtained through buying selhozpaev currently occupy in the structure of the market offers up to 80%. According to some owners selhozpaev still defend in court the right to allocate land for a share paid on 5 to 30 thousand rubles. Sometimes it is simply taken away by threats or deception. Size of land allocated to share, depended on the area and ranged from 2.5 to 10 hectares.

Thus, the price per hectare of the former state farm land does not exceed 3 thousand. Further costs depended on the degree of attraction ¬ unit-holders in the process of transferring land for housing. The simplest and cheapest way to do this was to create a suburban non-profit partnerships (NPD). Translation costs plots of land settlements have already begun on the $ 5-7 per 1 m2.

The upper limit of market participants have refused to name, saying only that he was several times higher, depending on the appetites of the state farm bosses, from which, in turn, depends on the mood of the general assembly and place will be allocated land. Thus, most state farm boss (and according to the organization, "Peasant Front, which defends the rights of farmers, the mass buying selhozpaev was primarily in his interest) 1 hectare of land costs 13 thousand rubles. Sold it today for 1.5 million rubles, the owner will reach profitability by about 11,000%.

Developers were forced to purchase more expensive units. The most recent example - the conflict in the former state farm "Petrovsky". According to the shareholders, the local government bought up their shares to 30 thousand rubles, but the economy came to Russian real estate fund and offered to 500 thousand rubles. As a result, the land was left for him.

To a direct question with which they operate profitability, large suburban real estate developers have not responded. The company "Olympus-2000" reported that an employee who can answer this question, it is not currently available. In the Company "Mansion", part of a group of LSR, the question left unanswered. Responded to the request only Eurosib-Development ". According to information from the website of "mansion", land in the finished cottage communities in Repino available for 175 rubles per sq.m.

Eurosib-Development "proposes to acquire ownership of land area from 2 to 180 ha in Roshchino. Minimum bid - 17 ares plus 20 kW at a price of 2 million rubles. As stated on the website, sites are located on agricultural land, is preparing to transfer them to the status of land settlements.

Price of the lot area of 12 hectare in the cottage on Zarechnaya (proposal of the company "Olympus-2000") is 5.3 million rubles. The company also sells parts and other cottage communities.
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