Land investment: what, where, when?

04.11.2010 07:32
Land investment: what, where, when? During the period of instability and uncertainty in the residential real estate market experts recommend to pay attention to market land in the suburbs. With the right approach such investment can bring substantial profits.

Investments in land are among the most reliable, because the risk of burn is minimal. Experts believe that investing in land suburbs are still valid. "You must understand that the earth - is a long investment payback is spasmodic character: the money you invest a lot, the returns will be great, but after a long period. Growth rates of the land is now about 15% a year "- said the managing director of NAI Becar Sorokoletov Dmitry.

However, as speculation. "Investing in land has been especially true in times of crisis. In the midst of crisis, big investors to buy large parcels of land for 20% of the pre-crisis prices. A year ago the land began to appear in the format of plots without a contract "with communications, with profits up to 100%", - the head office of "Transfiguration" Department of suburban real estate company INCOM-Realty Valery Lukin.

However, buying land with a view to selling it at a profit can be now. As noted commercial director LOGIS - Estate Artem Gorlyub, now the period when, after the crisis, prices have not increased, but the client has recovered from a crisis of fear, and able to invest in real estate.

You can invest in different ways. For example, option "for the lazy: Buy land now, and sell when it will be expensive. However, as experts note, the land has recently ceased to be the subject of speculation. "Offers a very large discount when the ground can buy and resell at a profit, very rare" - says CEO of investment real estate agency Condrey Sergei Kushmenyuk. Plots without a contract to buy consumers - private entrepreneurs who will build almost their own. There is also the practice of acquiring land for builders. Small construction companies buy land and build on them isolated at home or even just one house. Expecting a return on such "retail" business may exceed 100%, and the project can be put in about one year. "The volume of investments in monetary terms is small (from 800 thousand to 2 million rubles), although the number of transactions on such sites in the last year has increased significantly due to changes in consumption patterns", - said Commercial Director of LOGIS - Estate Artem Gorlyub.

On the purchased land can build a housing estate and sell it. "The paradox of the real estate market is in that area with him standing on the house" complete "significantly more expensive than the components of this complex" - reminds Sergei Kushmenyuk. This variant is typical for real estate companies, banks, real estate agencies. Volume of investments - from 20 million rubles.

Oh, and about prices. Minimum prices today - is 30 000 rubles per one hundred square meters. Purchase at that price can be sites of 90 km from Moscow (Gorky, Schelkovskoe, Simferopol direction) sections with nepodvedennymi communications. Expected return on such purchases from 50 to 200%, will be announced when the communication (gas, electricity) usually takes from 1 to 3 years.

However, it is worth noting that the suburban real estate purchase, usually as a second home, so the direction is selected on the basis of comfort rather than on a "cheapest". According to the company INCOM-estate, most in demand areas without a contract for Novorizhskoe highway at a distance of 20 km from Moscow (from 4.7 million rubles for the 12 hectare) of Kaluga and Kiev highway 20 km from Moscow (from 6 hectare cost weave of 10 thousand dollars), according to Simferopol highway (5 hectare cost weave from 3,5 thousand dollars). Still popular and ruble-Uspenskoe - there is the highest return on investment. "It is also associated with good transport accessibility, beautiful countryside and lots of good variety of proposals", - said Artyom Gorlyub.
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