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31.08.2010 09:12
Articles about real estate | Land in the area Vyshgorod Today Vyshgorod district, as in Ukraine in general, are for sale sites mainly for construction and maintenance of dwelling houses, maintaining personal agriculture (hereinafter - SOURCEFILE), the construction of commercial real estate. Among the major sites - an area of 1 hectare - the highest share in the total volume of proposals occupy land under the management of individual farm (70-75%). It tracked a definite trend: the number of sites larger with the purpose "conduct of agricultural and commodity production" is directly proportional to the distance to the city of Kiev, that is farther from the capital, the greater the proposed large plots ref.

According to the number of proposals (1 offer = 1 land without regard to its area) in the market sales leaders land for construction and maintenance of residential buildings - up to 70%. Over the past 3 years the most in demand areas in the 30-40-km zone in Brovarskyy, Boryspil, Obukhov, Vassilkovskaya, Makarov, Vyshgorod Kyiv region. The total amount of land offered for sale on the secondary market, is about 5000 hectares. Over the past 3 years the most intensive growth of prices was observed in the Makarov, Vyshgorod and Brovary Raion. The slowest rates grew in Obuhovsky area.

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All proposals for the intended purpose of land on the secondary market of Kiev region and Vyshgorodskiy including can be divided into 3 groups:

-Plots for the construction of individual houses and cottages. The total area of these plots ranged from 10 to 50 hectare, they can be with the buildings and without them. As a rule, to the very segment summed up gas and electricity;

-Land for commercial properties - 50 hectare to 10 hectares with a corresponding target destination, as with buildings (warehouses, hangars, buildings, etc.), and without them. This category also include former pioneer camps, recreation centers, land for construction of cottage townships;

-Land for agriculture (farming) economy and other commercial farming area of 1 hectare without communication.

The price of land depends on its purpose and location. In turn, the price of land for agriculture depends on the distance from Kiev and varies between 300-1600 $ / 0,01 hectares.

The cost of land in the Kiev region depends not only on the distance to Kyiv, but also on the prestige of a given area and the area, as well as its recreational features.

Vyshgorod direction
All gaining popularity until recently demanded Vyshgorodsky area.
Low level of popularity was due to the relative proximity to Chernobyl, but now, 20 years later, the stereotype of the Chernobyl zone practically vanished.
Here customers pay attention to the beauty of the natural topography, the presence of the forest zone, proximity to the Kyiv Sea and the Dnieper River. The infrastructure of access roads (to the city center - 35-40 minutes by car) and utilities developed at a level above the average.
At the moment Vyshgorodsky district provides 7-8% of land supply in the 25 kilometer suburban area.
Recently Vyshgorodsky area began to pay more and more attention - especially after the land in the more prestigious areas in the vicinity of Kiev was almost sold out, or significantly more expensive.

Demand analysis
The greatest demand of land for construction of 10 to 25 ares in the cottage Vyshgorodskiy area within a radius of 30 km from Kiev with a good asphalt entrance and all the necessary infrastructure (electricity, gas). And, of course, to have been a number of forest, river or lake.

In connection with the active construction of new and new cottage villages in demand large plots of land Vyshgorodskiy region from 10 to 30 hectares in the picturesque places near settlements with good access roads, near the major roads in the 30-40-km zone around Kiev.

The prospects of a land market Vyshgorodskiy region
Looking ahead, all the experts agree that the land market Vyshgorodskiy region has great potential for development because Vyshgorodska land today is quite profitable investment.
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