Land in Koncha Zaspa hastily sell deputies Kyivrada

21.10.2010 17:44
Articles about real estate | Land in Koncha Zaspa hastily sell deputies Kyivrada The reason is that the prosecutor's office condemned the land seizure.

The next week will consider protests Kyivrada Prosecutor's controversial land allotment in Koncha Zaspa. Protested for more than 60 sites in 10 hectare on coveted land. New power, as declared by the first zammera Alexander Popov, intends to return the land to the ownership of the city because, he said, gave the land illegally.

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Three years ago, Kyiv City Council has allocated plots firm OCTA-PLUS "(it is credited with the former head of State Tax Administration and one of the sponsors of BYuT Sergei Buriak, but he is not commenting). Then said it was bogus people through whom the land was a proprietor, writes today.

At the last session of the Kyiv City Council would reject the prosecutor - that decision was on the agenda. As a result, the question just moved to the next session. The prosecutors are determined - if Kyivrada reject the protest, the prosecution will challenge the land in court and all will return to the state.

Sites that complaint has been filed-extracting prosecutor's office, located between Novoobu Bloch-track (left) and the Metropolitan Highway (Old-Obukhov).

"Today" traveled to these "jurisdiction of" sites (27 km Metropolitan highway, a few sites along the street Staroobuhovskoy) and understand why the deputies Kyivrada do not want to return the land. She has already built up or cool cottages, or sold for $ 10-40 thousand sq.m..

And, apparently in anticipation of an early selection of land, the sale of these sites are now active. Zemlitsy trade, locals say, the deputies themselves Kyivrada. Even without intermediaries.

SANDS protected. Part of the sites is located at 27 km Metropolitan highway, near the turn of the famous dam, where they live, Leonid Chernovetsky, Yuliya Tymoshenko and many other vipov. Hanging on a pole announcement of sale of land here. "You what? About 10 hectares? No problem, now podedu and show "- we replied at the other end, when we were presented assistants MP.

Vitali, the guy on the "Skoda" appears literally in 20 minutes. Together with him we pass 200 meters from the road deep into the garden community "Mriya", cross the bridge called the "Gateway 2" - and find ourselves in an open field. "That's out of the river Kozynka. Look, what beautiful views! And behind us, reserve land, there is no one has ever built, can be quiet. Here 40 hectares. Price $ 10,000 for a hundred (it's cheap for such a place. - Auth.) "- Says the seller.

Vitali said that "here the land is not to measure, you can fly to 10 hectares. Earth is really a lot - sand, as in the desert. Near the Dnieper. Land near the water is already a $ 35 thousand sq.m..

"Would not it happen, what then here comes the prosecutor's office and take away the whole earth" - "doubt" I said. "This land involved are serious people. All documents are clean. Have you no one ever can take away "- the guy says. Before we discuss the details of how behind our backs someone else's car car.

"What are you doing here? What are you here? "- A strong man in the form of a security guard and a black beret popped up from nowhere. While around the net space, and no fence. "We are of the Jura. Do you understand? ". The man immediately "understood everything" and leave us alone.

NEAR THE MINISTER. Staroobuhovskaya street is in the territory close to the national park Golosiivskiy, there are luxury homes. One of the owners of two-story house became interested in my search of land. "Staroobuhovskaya, 3 with the letters" b "," c "," g "," g "and so on (these sites appear in the" jurisdiction "list. - Auth.) Has long been owned by one of the current ministers. You sure he did not sell, "- said the man.

"This land belongs to MPs from the Land Commission Kyivrada"

There, in the 27-kilometer, adjacent to the minister we were ready to sell the land "beyond the fence" (he also challenged the prosecutor's office). The guy who volunteered to help me in the purchase, call somebody: "Hello, listen, then they want to buy the land behind the fence" - said to someone he said. But at the end of the phone's appearance "a woman who wants to buy a large area" caused quite a stir. "Yes, che, a normal sort of woman ... No, not like a wheelbarrow ...come ..." - we could hear snatches of phrases.

"Listen, this land belongs to one deputy Kyivrada of the Land Commission, a small increase in deputatik. That's me with him just to say - the guy told me. - But there are some problems with the land. It's nature reserve. And the price they are asking for a rather big - $ 40,000 for a hundred. So you'd better Take a Rudyk. There, near the site Klyueva sold, and only $ 20,000.
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