Land auctions will save Crimea on the black market privatization

03.09.2010 07:54
Articles about real estate | Land auctions will save Crimea on the black market privatization Land resources in such a picturesque place of the country, as the Crimea is a very valuable commodity, which should bring the relevant dividend. Why in the region are planned regulatory monetary value of land, the problem of squatting and the possibility of escape from the black market privatization through auctions of the Crimean correspondent of news agency said the chairman of the National Committee for Land Resources ARC ALEXANDER shepherds.

- Alexander, You have recently reported that this year in the local budgets of the Crimea is planned to more than 1,6 million UAH on carrying out the regulatory monetary valuation of lands. What exactly will these funds?
- These funds are planned to review the old and the introduction of a new regulatory monetary value of land in most regions of the Crimea. Incidentally, in some regions, it did not exist.

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- And what exactly is supposed to develop your agency project of the Republican program for protection and land use for 2010-2015?
- The document provides a set of measures to protect the land and provided funds for the regulatory monetary value, anti-landslide measures, land reclamation, the creation of protective forests, etc.
The program has not yet been approved. Planned to do it in September.

- How much money for the program?
- Total for 5 years - 47,089,000 UAH. Including the budget of the Crimea provided about 10 million USD from local budgets - more than 37 million USD.

- Last week, Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych instructed to transfer to local authorities of Crimea land that are managed by the central authorities and not used for its intended purpose. These lands are intended for citizens, including those previously deported for individual housing construction. How do you feel about this decision?
- The President said that much of the peninsula of land that are not used for their intended purpose and does not generate revenue for the state: agricultural areas, military camps, ranges of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine and others. The land for the Crimea - a very valuable commodity, which must be profitable. Therefore, it was instructed President Cabinet of Ministers to deal with these lands, to determine their fate.
With regard to the deportees, of course, no site should not be used without permission to occupy, is a violation of the law. But we must proceed from the fact that these lands are not brought anything, and people need somewhere to build a house and live in it. So, we must give them such sites. Not everyone, of course, but only those who really need them. This time, we clearly observed. But most importantly - should be funding for the task.

- Funds already have?
- Periodically, the money for these purposes in the Crimea stood out even in places designed master plans. However, when we carry out an inventory of all lands, ascertain the number of squatting in the Crimea, we can clearly identify how many sites you can give and what it needs sum.

- There was a view that land auctions, the first of which is planned for late August, is nothing like "the legalization of land sales to interested persons." Alexander, can deny these rumors?
- First, a public auction, and it will be able to take part anyone who has money and, in accordance with the law, he is entitled to participate in the auction. Second, refuse to accept documents for participation in the auction, in my opinion, it is simply impossible. And talk about a narrow circle of people makes no sense.
I can say that queue up for auction yet, but I would be glad to bring up the 20-50 people who are interested in such events. For us the main thing - that the conditions of the auction: the use of land for its intended purpose in time and timely payment.

- What prompted you to open tendering on the ground?
- The previous government at the legislative level, found that the land should be sold at auction, but before the end of this mechanism is not developed. All this has prompted people to leave the so-called "black market". Were developed criminal schemes of privatization. For example, gaining 200 students, they determined to 10 hectare, or 2 hectares, and then all of these sites is buying a large company. At the same time she spends in 2 times more money than if bought land at auction. Plus the distribution of all kinds of bribes to officials. This prompted us to develop a clear framework of bidding, completely eliminating the corruption and "black privatization."

- What is beneficial to conduct similar auctions for the Crimea?
- The auction is completely ruled out the possibility of corruption, because all approvals for the project land acquisition makes Reskomzem. In addition, we further will help the owner of the land to develop urban planning study, since the auction, we are putting a "picture". That is, if the site is intended for recreational facility, it means he will be if settlement of cottages - that he alone should be built instead of sports facilities, for example.
I believe that the public auction, and support of the project before construction begins - this is what investors are looking for in the Crimea.

- Where will send the proceeds?
- They will go to the budget of the Crimea and part of - the state budget. Money will certainly focus on the socio-economic development of autonomy. Our task - to make them and put in the treasury of the peninsula.

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