Land acquisition - the most painful place in the Kiev region

28.10.2010 10:08
Articles about real estate | Land acquisition - the most painful place in the Kiev region According to a press conference in UNIAN Ukrainian Center Expert protect the rights and freedoms of citizens Rostislav Balaban, today in a number of issues requiring action.

The main problem of the Kiev region expert has called the issue of abstraction of the earth. "Around Kiev there is no village, where there would be no land problems", - said R. Balaban. He noted numerous cases of illegal transfer of large land plots in the area of natural or legal persons. In this case, according to an expert, rural communities do not receive any benefits from such transactions.

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In turn, the deputy Boryspil District Council Yuri Fedun noted that one of the "tidbit" of the Kiev region are land-Sviatoshynsky Kiev region, where the value of land in the 0,25-0,30 m can reach 0,5 million U.S. dollars . For example, he cited the situation in the villages of Foresters and Hodosovka the same area.

According to the deputy, within these village councils certain individuals illegally obtained plots of land covering about 5 hectares. According to the deputy, the land on which grows a forest, village councils previously attributed its decision to reserve fund. However, according to Yu Fedun, despite this, they were illegally in private ownership, and began to cut down the forest.

He noted that as a result of these actions, the State suffered extensive damage, and added that the cost of cast lands on the black market is around 5-6 million dollars. Yu Fedun called the chairman of Kyiv Regional State Administration Anatoliy Prisyajnyuk pay attention to the situation in these villages and, as in the case of illegal land allotment in with. Happy, help solve the problem.

Need to be addressed, according to R. Balaban, and issues of inadequate provision of rural settlements of vehicles, including school buses. Lack of buses leads to the fact that many children are forced to travel to schools that are far away from their homes.

Another pressing issue he called the poor quality of medical services. As noted by R. Balaban, many medical facilities are constructed of a very long time, need major repairs, thus providing them with medical equipment and drugs are also at a low level.
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