L / C - a new tool purchase of primary residence

27.09.2010 07:14
Articles about real estate | L / C - a new tool purchase of primary residence Under the conditions prevailing in the primary market nezhvizhimosti when most construction sites is "frozen", or completion date delayed for several years, buyers are not rushing to buy an apartment in the buildings under construction. Fears are obvious, so potential buyers are primarily interested in the question: how to buy an apartment with minimal risk and a suitable financial scheme of calculation? In turn, developers are responding to the current state of affairs, and seeking new ways to attract customers happy by providing discounts, installments until completion of the facility, carry out the action, but there is no guarantee that the facility will be commissioned on time, if not build, so market there are new calculation scheme for the apartment: «trade in», accreditation. In this article we will try to find out what is a scheme of buying an apartment with a bank letter of credit.

The essence of the letter of credit scheme of calculation is that the potential buyer is transferring the required amount for an apartment is not the developer, or buying an apartment through a fund to finance the construction and opening of L / C bank account into which payments are made. All transfers are made at its own expense, and after the time of construction, in the case of the obligations of the seller, the Bank transfers the sum of the construction company. According to staff www.socmart.com.ua, this scheme is beneficial for both buyers and builders. L / C method of calculation gives both parties the confidence that all contract terms are met. The Bank acts as the guarantor of the transaction and the client (the developer will receive money only when commissioning home, and submit all necessary documents), and the seller (timely payment of payment). In the event of a breach of contract and construction company, the buyer can withdraw money from your account. It should be noted that some treaties provide for penalties in case of violation of completion, which the Treaty undertakes to pay the buyer so the seller is interested in the timely delivery of houses in operation.

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Among the advantages of this form of payment can be identified safety and ease and reliability. When the transaction client gets rid of the need to carry out transactions with large sums of cash, and after the transaction may make a transfer of funds in the department of the issuing bank, the bank also verifies the authenticity of bills, informs the recipient of the deposit of funds, the customer can be sure of the legality of payments and receives documents confirming the payment. The disadvantages of this system is the fact that such a scheme aimed at people who are willing to pay in full the entire amount of the chosen apartment. In some cases, it is possible to replenish the account of L / C parts, it depends on the contract. The mechanism of operation is simple enough to do this:

1. Contract with the seller about making payments under a contract with akkredivnogo account. Discuss the validity of the credit, as well as its type. Additionally, agree on a list of documents, the need for them seals and stamps of other organizations and content of individual items, clearly showing the performance of the seller of the contract.

2. Write to the issuing bank statement of credit, on which L / C opened a bank account

3. Notification to seller of the open letter of credit in his favor

4. After fulfilling their obligations under the contract and preparation of all required documents, the seller submits them to the bank, make the credit available. Together with the documents filed register of documents on letter of credit

5. In the case of full compliance documents provided by the seller, the bank performs the credit, but if there are differences, and the client does not consent to payment instruments, credit remains without implementation

Experts of «Socmart» note that the number of offers to purchase the apartment under the scheme is accretive not much, but in the short term, such operations may become more popular. Interest in such a payment system associated with the guarantees received by the client, but also with reduced risk of non-payment for a construction company.

Natalia Sirootchenko www.socmart.com.ua
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