Kyiv to allocate UAH 300 million for housing

12.01.2011 15:09
Articles about real estate | Kyiv to allocate UAH 300 million for housing From the city budget of Kyiv for the construction of housing in 2011 will be allocated 282.5 million UAH.

As stipulated by the Programme of socio-economic development of Kiev in 2011, the utility "Zhitloinvestbud-UCB plans to build housing for a total of 869 million UAH.

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Of this amount, 131.1 million UAH will be allocated from the special fund the city budget, 737.9 mln - at the expense of businesses and organizations of the city, other sources, wrote Building.

Under the program, the utility "Spetszhitlofond" master plans 243.6 mln, including the special fund gorbyudzheta - 40,7 million UAH, borrowings - 202.8 mln.

For housing will be allocated 241.1 million UAH (40.1 mln - gorbyudzhet, 201 million UAH - borrowed funds), including the renovation of dormitories - 12.78 mln (4.75 mln - of gorbyudzheta, 8.03 mln - borrowed funds).

Holding company Kyivmiskbud is planning to build housing in 2011 totaling $ 672 million UAH, including the expense of gorbyudzheta at 110.7 mln, raised funds, to 561.3 mln.
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