Kremenets City Council built cottage on the bones of 30 000 Jews

07.10.2010 11:00
Articles about real estate | Kremenets City Council  built cottage on the bones of 30 000 Jews Team Site Kremenets Salvation "has repeatedly wrote that local authorities Kremenets destroy all monuments of Nazi crimes, it happens, both directly and as a result of indifferent attitude to the problem of intolerance and neo-Nazism in Kremenets.
The last straw criminal actions of local authorities were making a decision on distribution of land to build houses on city Yakutsk Regiment trench standing in Kremenets in times Russian Empire, in this trench in 1942 were shot and buried over 30 000 Jews. According to eyewitnesses field, on which the building was like a white square, land sometimes moving, and odor of chlorine and dead bodies walking around the city. In town this trench, which stretched over a kilometer and held virtually all the field that highlighted the construction can not be built - is a crime! Here, as at Babi Yar Memorial Park should be to be protected by law. Also, Park and planned to split the trees planted, and the efforts of local authorities already could build a playground, which, incidentally, in Kremenets not at all. But money and the desire for more land doing their job, most absolutely do not care that their house will stand on the most massive graveyard in history from you and Christian traditions. Besides the cottage next to a monument to Holocaust victims is based Ukrainian Orthodox Church priest Michael Mazurchuk recently accused of corrupting a minor. He will be here soon and the church near her cabin ... He also does not prevent mass grave of Jews feel that Ukraine is raising new Nazis who love and respect only one nation on earth, his own, and the rest - weeds, litter, on which you can ignore. Stop building is only one way - appeal to international community, moreover, that such a move is unprecedented in the world. Yes, destroying trees, rivers and lakes, but the massive building on the bones of 30 000 people are now allowed himself no overbearing officer, drug lords, etc. ... Do Kremenets'ka city council headed by Leonid Kichatym not have the law of themselves, or covenants of God? Who are you Kremenets'ka City Council?

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