Kolesnikov: half century houses in Ukraine to be dismantled

30.08.2010 16:35
Articles about real estate | Kolesnikov: half century houses in Ukraine to be dismantled Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine Borys Kolesnikov said that the program of modernization of the housing stock to make an inventory of housing and dismantle prefabricated houses from 50 years of age or older.

He said this in an interview published on Saturday newspaper Zerkalo week.

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According to first deputy prime minister, home of 50 years and older, especially constructed by the method of panel construction, up to five storeys, to be dismantled. "To modernize them makes no sense," - said Kolesnikov.

Kolesnikov said that all the Ukrainian House, which, after the inventory will not be demolished, to be refurbished. "For example, the model of the ventilated facade, with a full replacement windows, boiler room on the roof gives a double gas savings. For such a conversion must take long-term loans, to attract private capital."

According to first deputy prime minister in programs modernizitsii housing, considerable attention is paid to energy conservation. "The Tax Code does not contain mechanisms to encourage the maintenance of gas consumption, however, worked out the program of modernization of housing stock. Ukraine is in Europe, first in gas consumption. And one of the last places in terms of gross product per capita," - he said.

In this case, Kolesnikov expressed misgivings about the idea of providing incentives for businesses intending to invest in energy efficiency. "This may be the subject of further discussions with professionals. And something tomorrow lucrative businesses suddenly become energy efficient in Ukraine", - he stressed.

Recall that, according to the chairman of the National Agency of Ukraine for Efficient Use of Energy Resources (NAER) Sergei Yermilov for warming houses in Ukraine should be 400 billion hryvnia.

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