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Articles about real estate | Known writer earned renovation of apartments Marina Kramer - a doctor by training and a writer by vocation, which is felt as a child. The author of a series of popular detective novels based on real events. In the long term - out of several more books, no longer united through the heroine, but no less exciting. But this is how to figure out "owner", not all professions that have tried Marina in life ...<br /><br />- Marina, because we are the magazine not only about people but about the houses, I'm just going to ask you about your apartment.<br /><br />- No problem! The apartment I had, shall we say, a parent. It turned out that when my husband and I were first married, we had a studio apartment is small. Then the child was born, then a little child grew, and, accordingly, we are faced with the need to somehow expand. We bought a two-room apartment, and my parents moved there, and we - in their apartment. Moreover, housing for them, we bought very well, it turned out that we live in neighboring houses.<br /><br />- Probably, in the heart of the city?<br /><br />- No, I do not live in the center, so it may be said to outlying areas - though here we must understand that the suburban district in Krasnoyarsk is not the same thing that suburban district in Moscow. In fact, the only place in our city, where there are no industrial enterprises. But near the forest, environment for life is almost perfect.<br /><br />- How many rooms in the apartment?<br /><br />- Three rooms. And the apartment in its current form, I spent three months made virtually by herself.<br /><br />- Yeah, it means you are engaged in interior design? A resort to the services of professionals not be tempted?<br /><br />- No, well, of course, can not say that I met with his hands and out. I have worked as a team, but attracted by the designer was not. That is the generator of ideas really played myself.<br /><br />- Even the professional literature is not used?<br /><br />- On the contrary, bought specialized magazines, but still it is impossible (at least I think so) find in a magazine, and wherever that may be, the idea of ready-made. So that it can be realized, without adding anything of his own. And, at least when it comes to interior design magazines, never was not like this, so I saw the finished work and realized: this is mine. But, of course, some details I discover it in the magazines - something in one, something different.<br /><br />- And how do you up - were satisfied with their updated housing?<br /><br />- You know, when we finished and took all construction debris, we have a child riding a bicycle around the apartment! In general, were satisfied.<br /><br />- Such a great apartment that you can ride a bicycle?<br /><br />- No, actually the house - the usual "socket". House of 30 years, we can say is still new.<br /><br />- And due to what turned out "velodrome"? Something to reschedule?<br /><br />- Global change and do not have to do three rooms and left as it was. Still, at least your child need a separate room.<br /><br />- And you - an office?<br /><br />- Well, when we have undertaken a repair, I do not think I need to house separate workplace. I had not planned as far back as the time to engage in literature. I then worked in a hospital, not writing books, so that a private room I was not needed.<br /><br />Carried away me this - I am now referring to interior design - then pretty much. I then helped with the interior of his sister, in general, did not give it up. I have at one time, incidentally, was a construction company, we are engaged in repair. Start small - take the apartment "piecemeal". And then began what is called an industrial scale work. It already had contracts with the administration.<br /><br />- That is, roughly speaking, was able to take the whole house for repairs?<br /><br />- In principle, yes. We took orders entrances, installed windows and so on ...<br /><br />- Yes, a non-trivial aspect dopisatelskoy biography! Tell me about a country house not you think? There is no desire as a family to live in one house, nature?<br /><br />- I'm thinking about it, but so far, to be honest, somehow I can not decide. The more that we have in the situation now is this: apartment prices are falling, but at country houses, strangely enough, no. Price per cottage villages as there was and is: This is the house worth, say, 15 million, and is well worth it to this day, despite the crisis.<br /><br />Besides, if the move out of town, and take another vehicle: a life-then I have a fairly mobile. Outside the city is not going to sit it out. And with cars, to be honest, the relationship I have pretty intense.<br /><br />- I understand you have quite a long time doing the theme of construction and interior design?<br /><br />- Well, quite a long time. Age 9, in my opinion.<br /><br />- And if you have any favorite lines, schools and styles in the design? Surely the time of design practice has evolved preferences?<br /><br />- I do not have a single favorite style. I must say, I have a home and there is no single style - each room is decorated in its own way, in my own spirit.<br /><br />For the kitchen, I prefer the classic style, solid wooden furniture. Admit elements of a rustic style. Living room with me - utter minimalism. And not only in style. Yet very little furniture, frankly, anything other than the couch or not. Sofa and TV.<br /><br />It's probably more from my childhood remains: I am a Soviet who grew up in the Soviet Union, and with all the then interior mainstream, I'm very familiar with. So the rejection of the walls, slides, cluttered any nonsense, crystal, glass figurines, and so on - it probably comes from childhood. I can not stand accumulating in the interior of the junk I do not have anything extra.<br /><br />Bedroom at home "Japanese." I am fascinated by Japan, so that the bed we have in this style, fans, figurines, Japanese used in the design. Well, baby - this baby, there is the main thing - comfort and functionality.<br /><br />- And where did you work? It is clear that when buying an apartment, an office is not planned, but now you definitely need a job?<br /><br />- Working in the hall.<br /><br />- In fact, where a sofa and television?<br /><br />- Well, I sit down with his back to the TV, so it does not prevent me, does not distract even included.<br /><br />- And what about sound?<br /><br />- Also did not bother me, I simply do not notice - more than a calm attitude to noise.<br /><br />- And where before this had to live? As a child, for example?<br /><br />- As a child we lived together with a large family: grandfather, grandmother, parents, grandparents and myself. This was Stalin's house, size of apartment allows all to exist, without interfering with each other. And then began to slowly leave. By and large, in the apartment, where we now inhabit with my family, I have lived all my life. Not counting the early childhood and three-year hiatus, when my husband and I lived in a studio apartment. I am generally very conservative people.<br /><br />- And in Moscow often visit?<br /><br />- Now, of course, often have to come.<br /><br />- Stay in a hotel?<br /><br />- Generally yes, though he was, and the period when she lived with a friend, happened, that we had and apartments to rent. In general, I normally stand hotel life, travel, related domestic difficulties and limitations. Especially as I now, in addition to writing, still working in the ballroom dance club, where she is my child so that all of these patrols, traveling from city to city, from hotel to hotel - it completely private. We must therefore necessary.<br /><br />- Do you like Moscow? You do have something to compare, look not so "zamylenny" as those who live here permanently?<br /><br />- If we step back, not an example to her, then I like to Moscow. But to live here I would not want to. It is unlikely that I would be able to stay here permanently. You know, there is a feeling of "my city" and "not my city." So, Moscow - not my city.<br /><br />- How do you the changes that take place in Moscow, say, in the last 10 years?<br /><br />- That, as Moscow is changing, I like it. I love, of course, more old part of town, those neighborhoods that have preserved the historical atmosphere. But the city grows, you need somewhere to live, you can not all squeeze into the historic center. So I have to sprawling residential districts normally am, though not too well I know them all. Here's what the old buildings being demolished, I do not like. I think they still need to keep in its original form, as to this endeavor, not to get so that when we did not score. Will, perhaps, spectacularly, and even beautiful, but it will not the city.<br /><br />- I know what you're writing stories that are largely based on events from real life. A transfer something from the interior of your surroundings in the book?<br /><br />- Of course! When you draw some kind of a situation before the eyes should be an image that you and "show it" then the reader. The reader will see and have a good understanding in what the interior of events occur in any location. Trifles often create the mood.<br /><br />- And my apartment, some elements of its interior can "show" the reader?<br /><br />- No. I have my bank, and private space are extremely reluctant to shoot someone. Especially since a large readership. Still, private - it's personal.<br /><br />- Finally, ask the "eternal" question: what house for you?<br /><br />- House - a place where you want to come back from any of the circumstances. Whatever happens, no matter how you where something is good or, conversely, the bad, should be a place where you come in, relax, where you are surrounded by your favorite things and favorite people. And my husband to the house of the same attitude, thankfully. He was in his time, too, pretty much gone, so it turns out to work. And when we had started living together, then began to arrange everything in the house so that there wanted to go back. After all, man, incidentally, is always important to be waiting for the house, waiting for his wife ...<br /><br />- And are you waiting for? If your a schedule?<br /><br />- Waiting, of course! I try as much as possible.<br /><br />
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