Klitschko is building for the bride's house on theKiev Sea

25.04.2011 03:15
Komsomolskaya Pravda sought out love nest Vladimir and Hayden.


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While the world discusses the rumors of a crisis in relations between Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere, boxer calmly completes a home for life with a loved one. And, as it became known Komsomolskaya Pravda, Vladimir is going to twist love nest is not anywhere on overseas resorts, and at home.

In the village Lyutezh, 30 kilometers north of Kiev, all residents of anything Yes have heard about the mansion, which is here erected for the boxer.

- This house will not in the village to look for, and closer to the Kievan sea. There in the forest and builds his Klitschko - interrupting each other, correspondents pointed out, "KP" right way lyutezhane. - Only you there is not even stick at - anywhere surveillance, all serious, and can shoot ...

Learn more exact location of the construction Klitschko, we tried the local village council - but there we are convinced that Klitschko Lyutezhe never had never seen, and if he is somewhere something and raises, the Village Council this was not mentioned.

Not get what the territory construction Klitschko, but simply in the woods or a bank of the reservoir was practically a spy mission. Forest in the Kyiv Sea - a real man-made labyrinth that and look for another come across a fence or barbed wire that protected the private recreation and cottage complexes. Unsuccessfully popetlyav a car on a dirt road between the pine trees and fences, have decided to continue the search on foot. To do this, however, had come down from the cliff, and then wading in the water practically.

Next will be parking for boats

On a private beach with white sand managed to get to a cozy patio and a small wooden cottage - local residents assert that he belongs to Klitschko. Next - the elite campus of the private villas. But the modest (by local standards) house of Vladimir cut off from neighbors by a wall of pines. On the other hand - loss, and the court gradually becomes a dock for boats at the Kiev reservoir, called the sea. Nearby and a small beach.

The facade of "hatynki" practically all glass - large windows are located on the roof to the floor. Arranged a house without pathos, in a minimalist style. Through the tinted glass could discern only a cozy living room with a library, comfortable sofas, reading tables and a fireplace. From the living room offers a beautiful view of the Kiev Sea. This, of course, not Los Angeles where he now lives and girl-frend Klitschko, and the view is not the Pacific Ocean, but in this landscape has its own romance. Too minimalist ...

In the courtyard we found a supply of firewood and BBQ (Vladimir loves grilled meat), next - a sofa-chair.

Main Villa - deep in the woods!

Look around on the ground more carefully prevented a guard who, seeing us, immediately asked to leave private property.

- You only saw a small house for a holiday on the beach, - says "KP" resident Lyutezha not someone wanted to name. - A basic house Klitschko build deeper into the forest. To him you certainly can not get through. There's an elite town. In our village they say, that this whole area, several homes are fully owned by the boxer ...

Have already an American actress his Ukrainian home, Lyutezhe do not know. They say that to them often come rich and eminent, but the girl in the photo Klitschko did not recognize: "No, this we did not have."


A new apartment in Kiev recently bought Andriy Shevchenko. Footballer settled in a house on Grushevskogo, very close to the stadium "Dynamo" to them. Lobanovsky. And even invited guests of Vladimir, which has long friends at a housewarming. Boxer was photographed with the "Golden Ball" Sheba.

Mars Shevchenko move only that in Kiev, he continues to live alone. Wife Kristen and her son Jordan, and Christian stayed in England and only occasionally provedyvayut dad.

Several years ago the couple bought Shevchenko, the banker Roger Jenkins restored mansion in the village of Wentworth (Surrey). In the house of Sheba 9 bedrooms, swimming pool, bar and even a home spa-salon. For this luxury captain of Ukraine, reported the British media, paid 7.1 million pounds (about $ 12 million).

House is located in a very picturesque place - on the shores of Lake Virginia Water, where long-lived one of the richest people in Britain. By the way, right there, next door, kept under house arrest from 1998 to 2000, former Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet.


Lodging on the shore of the Kiev Sea, under Vyshgorod, now ranked among the elite class. In the woods near Kiev have grown entire cottage villages with round the clock protection, sports and recreational facilities, playgrounds, promenade.

- Real estate here is very prestigious, this place - the second Concha Zaspa. A lot of serious businessmen and politicians have built their homes here - says, "KP" Sergei Kostecki, an analyst at SV Development. - The average price of land in the Lyutezhe - 4-6 thousand dollars for a hundred. On the shore are more expensive - $ 10-15 thousand. In some cases, the cost reaches and 30 thousand for a hundred, if there is direct access to water and some good neighbors.

Thus, the Ukrainian Klitschko's house along with the plot (assuming that it takes about 20 hectare) can "pull" of 600 000 dollars!

What can I say, a boxer who, by estimates of German journalists, earning up to $ 15 million for one fight, can afford to make such a favorite gift.

Vova loves to grill meat, so take care of the grill in the yard.

In the subject

In Hayden already has a personal mansion in Los Angeles

Vladimir sometimes staying in for his American bride

It may be that the Ukrainian House Hayden is not happy. According to rumors, in parallel with the construction of "hatynki" at the Kiev Sea Klitschko Panettiere look for shared home in Miami. Realtors say he a boxer and actress needs a home area of ??at least 300 square meters, gym, tennis courts and two swimming pools - indoor and outdoor.

If Wladimir Klitschko and Hayden Panettiere will complete a joint house near Kiev and buy a home in Miami, is owned by the actress already have four mansions! True, this is taking into account the parent's estate - a small cozy house in the suburbs of New York. The Hollywood star had lived here (now there is still inhabited by his father and mother of Hayden and her younger brother), has not yet earned on his own villa in Los Angeles.

In this California mansion Vladimir occasionally visits his fiancee.

His first personal home a total area of ??300 square meters Hayden acquired in 2008, before meeting with the Ukrainian boxer. The house has three bedrooms, three bathrooms. In one of the bedrooms and living room wall is all glass - from floor to ceiling, which opens a stunning overview of Los Angeles. The palace also has a fireplace and a huge swimming pool. For all this luxury and girl-frend Klitschko has paid 265 thousand dollars. After that, even spend it on - has hired the best decorators since remained dissatisfied kitchen. By the way, Hayden Panettiere says that Vladimir frequently stops at her house.

- My family lives in New York, I - in Los Angeles. Vladimir runs between the three cities - Hamburg, Kiev and Los Angeles, where he lives, or in my home, or in the house of his brother - quoted an American German BILD. - But we both work hard, and sometimes our separation delayed by six to seven weeks.


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