Kievans promises apartments for $ 20 thousand

18.01.2011 10:30
Articles about real estate | Kievans promises apartments for $ 20 thousand Lodging in the capital want to build to 8000 hryvnia per square meter. meter, and social - half the price.

Prime Minister Mykola Azarov announced that it has agreed with the developers to cut prices for new housing. An example should submit the capital. "We agreed with the developers that the price per square meter of housing in Kyiv to be an average of 8,000 USD." - Said Azarov. New at this price will be available in 2012 if this year they will begin to build, wrote today.

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Now in Kiev "square" is worth twice as much - 16 000 UAH. He added that social housing (small flat panel) on average will cost 4000 USD / sq. m. That is, if the price per "square" in 8000 UAH., 2-room with a modern layout area of 70 square meters. meters will cost $ 70,000 (market price is the same - $ 120-140 thousand), and social "kopeck piece" (like Khrushchev) to 40 square meters. m - only $ 20,000, but it will buy the state to lease waiting list (they will pay a monthly rent, but privatization is not eligible).

As explained to us the premier's press secretary Vitaly Lukyanenko, reduction is possible after the entry into force of the law "On regulation of urban development" (90% abolish permits and approvals). To receive them went up to 30% of the cost of developers.

Also, construction companies promised state loans for a small percentage (three times lower than now). Promises to help and the Kiev government, developed the program "Affordable Housing". She is ready to pay 30-50% of the price, and housing will cost the owner of not more expensive than it was 8,000 USD. per square. m

Builders say that such a collapse in prices is only possible with the support of the state. "Select free land, provide the documents to bring roads and communications ... And, of course, the developer does not have to pay bribes to officials for signature. And it is unlikely to get 8000 USD., At least 10,000 ", - says Galina Bogdanenko from construction companies" Miskzhitlobud.

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