Kievans choose accommodation outside the capital

11.05.2012 08:45
Articles about real estate | Kievans choose accommodation outside the capital When choosing between an expensive metropolitan housing or multi-storey cottages and new buildings in the suburbs, Kiev increasingly rest on the second version.

Inexpensive, healthy atmosphere and conditions that differ little from the city - that's what makes the Ukrainians to leave the metropolis and settle in a cottage village, or multifamily homes built in the suburbs.

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According to experts, the segment of suburban housing is rising: in just one year the number of transactions has doubled. "Suburban slowly recovering."

The determining factor for the growth of the most popular types of housing outside the cities - suburban houses and apartment buildings - is the price. Since 2008, the rural property as a whole fell by 20-30%. As a result, in the Kiev region the average cost per square meter is $ 971, and is subject to such directions sverhdorogih as Obukhov, Kiev-Boryspil, and Svyatoshynskyi. At the same time, the square in Kiev, even economy-building is worth at least $ 1 thousand

Outside the city, everyone finds their own. The main buyers of inexpensive apartments in the suburban high-rise buildings, according to Vladimir Shvedyuka, head of sales department is located halfway between Kiev Borispol to the residential complex Novoseltseva - young families, first obzavodyaschiesya own shared housing, or people who prefer a quiet life in the suburbs and the bustling life of the nervous in the city. Another category of customers - the people themselves suburbs.

Cottage housing more expensive, often become the capital's residents as a high-quality analog and spacious apartments that are available for the same amount in Kiev.

And the smell of the pines

In the delights of country life Artyukhov Michael, Director of Sales Trust Yugozaptransstroy, saw when he sold the house last year in the capital and along with his wife and two children moved to a cottage Yasnі zorі located in Irpen, 15 km from Kiev. "We are always prepared in theory to the emergence of a second child in the family and thought about buying a home roomier" - explains his motives Artyukhov.

Although initially planned to sell his wife for the sake of large metropolitan housing area of ​​apartments in Kiev. But, looking at different options, think that housing is cheaper in the suburbs, and the difference can be purchased in the second family car. However, the decisive argument was different: the children grow up in nature, breathing fresh air.

After seeing a dozen options, the family stopped at the town house, which in an area of ​​190-220 sq. m. m is the order of $ 200 thousand spent money on Artyukhova do not regret having fun demonstrating their new home, standing among the pine trees that grow right in the village. This "forest" conditions are quite city: the centralized sewerage system, playground, business center, high speed internet.

Along the way, many residents are Artyukhova major cities. The number of cottage villages near Kiev for seven years has grown, as calculated in the capital consulting company RealEkspo, nine times - from 34 in 2005 to 312 by March 1 of this year. In general in Ukraine today has just over 600 such settlements.

Most of them share is within the 30-kilometer zone around the capital - mostly in Obukhov, Zhitomir and Odessa areas. Second place, according to RealEkspo, holds the Crimea, and the bronze went to the Odessa region.

Some of these projects is still frozen after the financial crisis. But the market revives, if the number of transactions at the beginning of last year hovered around 25-40 per month, in February of this they have recorded 76.

The most popular class of houses in the neighborhood of the capital - the economy. The average value of the square of the housing, according to consulting company Knight Frank, all of 2011 was gradually reduced and is now reaching $ 890. Business class is more expensive - $ 1.4 thousand, and luxury cottage at all requires an investment of $ 2.4 thousand for each square.

But these prices are significantly lower than the capital. Kostecki illustrates the difference this way: a 50-meter apartment in the economy-the capital "equal to" house near Kiev area of ​​130-140 sq. m. m

However, not all of this trade-off suit. The best solution may be for people working remotely, or for families with young children in which to work in the capital goes only by one person. The vast majority of buyers of such housing is still tied to the capital - work, business, school or university.

Relocation of residents

In the last couple of years on the suburban market in Kiev there was a direct alternative to the town "hives" - high-rise apartment complexes. This is actually the same apartment (without land, with all standard communications made from modern materials, decorated with "after construction") in the new building of cities - the capital of satellites. The cost per square meter in which about a third lower than in Kiev, where she now makes about $ 1 thousand

Margin there is, according to Shvedyuka because of cheaper land and Communications, the limit to which Kiev has been exhausted. In the suburbs, in smaller amounts costing and design, alignment and commissioning.

Thus, according to Alexander Belousov, Commercial Director of ADH, is building a set of watercolors at the 770 apartments in Cherry on buying an apartment in the economy class of buildings will be saved in comparison with Kiev, $ 300-600 on each square. Depending on the size, stage of readiness, and the type of floor windows, watercolors housing costs from $ 29.9 thousand to $ 108 thousand

At the same time just a few minutes drive from the outskirts of Kiev complex is equipped with the same feature set as the building in a residential area of ​​the capital. "This house is designed for customers who are not willing to pay high prices for accommodations in Kiev, but it is associated with a capital" - says Bilous. Most buyers are young families and residents of regions who come to study or work in Kiev.

Builders in the suburbs are trying to optimize your product to the requirements of the market, reducing the area of ​​apartments or refusing to large apartments.

Since being built in the suburbs a lot of housing, developers have been actively compete with each other and, therefore, are increasingly offering bonuses to customers. For example, the installment plan at their own expense for a couple of years or a loan at more favorable than in the banks, the conditions - less than 16% for three to five years. To all installments and credit builders offer at a low for an initial payment of the capital market - 30-50%.

As a result, the initial investment by the forces of people with savings of $ 20 thousand "family with a stable, even if it is not very high incomes can afford a compact one-bedroom or two-room apartment," - says Bilous.

Experts' forecasts for this segment of real estate rainbow: suburban apartment buildings will become more popular. The demand, according to market participants, and today is stable and high. Thus, in watercolors of the seven scheduled queue (houses) were built two and three completely sold out. In the first stage in the Novoseltseva studios sold cleaned and doubles - at 95%. In the second, which will give at the end of the year, has bought a fifth of flats.
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