Kievans buying land from neighbors

02.04.2008 00:00
Articles about real estate | Kievans buying land from neighbors In Chernihiv again started to become more expensive housing - from the beginning of the year prices rose by at least 5-7%, and, apparently, is not the limit. In addition to inflation expectations, stimulate the activity of buyers bankers, mass mastering the local market. However, these figures pale against land targets. Because of addiction to the beauty of Kiev region for the year rose plots there twice.

The capital is spreading

Chernihiv got their portion of dividends from the neighborhood with Kiev, the people who had lost hope to buy land in the vicinity of the capital, began to look closely to nearby areas. In the local urban real estate agency argue that in the last year the demand for allotments under private construction increased by at least 30-50%, and among the contenders for their Kiev has at least a third. This fact has provoked a boom in the land segment. During the year the price of land, located along the route Kiev-Chernigov, as well as scenic spots (on the banks of rivers Desna and Snow, Lakes, or near the forest) up to 2-2,5 times and continue to grow. Director of the Academy Capital Valentin Borisenko noted that allotments on the track, located in the vicinity of the Desna (p. Kalichevka, Ivanovka), are more expensive than downtown - $ 15-25 thousand / hectare. Slightly cheaper than land in the villages of Slav and Baramyki (from $ 5 thousand / weaving), which are also located near the gums, but can not boast of good communications and access roads. Shoppers hunt and for plots in the village Sednev, on the banks of the River of Dreams, which is considered one of the cleanest in Ukraine ($ 6 thousand / weaving). Experts believe that interest in the Chernigov land from Kiev "gardeners" will contribute to its rise in price - already this year, prices could rise by a third.

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Suburban yet mastered less dynamic. During the year the value of land there has grown by 20-30%, and now in the range of 10-15 km is quite possible to buy land for $ 600/sotka. In the regional center put on weight in gold, because everybody missed them. According to the Director, Department of Residential Real Estate Academy Inex Real Estate says that the annual price of plots in urban areas doubled and continues to grow. So, weaving in the center of Chernigov worth at least $ 10 thousand, and rapidly growing suburbs - Novoselivka, Sloboda, where land is put up for sale for $ 3-3,5 thousand / hectare. Even greater dynamics is observed in nearby settlements, which became part of Chernigov: Oleksandrivka, singers. If a year ago, weave it could be bought for $ 800, now - no less than $ 2 thousand houses rising in value less rapidly. Objects of the old buildings buyers interested solely because of the plot. New same accommodation, for which there is demand, is clearly exhibited by high costs, ($ 300-500 thousand), which also makes them uninteresting to potential customers.
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